Liar, Liar Pants on (Kindle) Fire

Chanukah begins at sundown on Sunday.

In order to generate some Jewish buzz around here, and in an attempt to use presents as bribery for good behavior this week, I wrapped their presents and laid them out beautifully in our dining room.

This year, I purchased both boys Kindle Fires.  They went on sale for $35, so I decided it was worth not constantly having my phone commandeered by Big E.

My phone always returns to me sticky, which was puzzling until I witnessed Big E cleaning the screen with his tongue.

Let's all take a moment to digest that.

Ok, moving on.

The boys have been circling their gifts since they made their appearance on the table.

Big E has been acting super sketchy and I finally figured out why.

That little stinker took a peak at his presents.  He has the worst liar face in the history of mankind.  It is a trait that will serve me well into his teenage years.

We told him that we have a video camera set up in the room and we would pull up the footage.

He blamed his brother.  He blamed his best buddy.  He blamed the dog.

But bottom line is, he's BUSTED.

Mr. Yoy and I have both been known to present snoop as children so we aren't necessarily mad at that, we are just upset that he continues to lie about it.


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