Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March 31st. Day 16.

March 31st? I'm still not convinced this is a real date, but I'm down for anything at this point.

With the forecast of rain looming over us, I got out for a forty minute walk. If you recall, Little E, the keeper of the original schedule, declined to go on this exercise jaunt as he "wasn't wearing any underwear". I guess that's a legit excuse. I was glad I got out into the fresh, pollen-filled air, as the rain started soon after I walked in the door.

For no other reason, other than the fact it was raining, Big E grabbed his shoes and went outside to play soccer with the back of my house.  Normally, I wouldn't encourage playing in the rain, but the prospect of being locked inside with him all day, trumped my fear of him catching pneumonia.

I opened up the trash to throw out my gum. And there I saw the evidence. The Yoys' breakfast. They ate Fruit by the Foot. Seems like a nutritious way to start a productive day. Sigh. I was already behind the eight ball. As soon as their sugar overdose kicked in, I'd be done for.  Who's ready for some quiet reading?!

School work began and ended shortly after this. We were wrapped up with work by 11:45AM. This leaves a loooooooooooooooooooong stretch of the day for us to be together. With free programming.

So what did we do, you may ask...

In a simple stroke of good luck (for me, of course) Big E discovered techno music. Yes. Yes, he did. He worked on some sort of semblance of breakdancing. As a child of the 80s, I was not impressed. They did it so much better in Breakin'.  But I did break out the glow sticks and the Molly. Go big or go (stay) home! Just kidding. Or am I? Of course, the techno beat provided the perfect rhythm for me to bang my head against the nearest wall. Big E got his exercise in (P.E. -CHECK!) and I found an outlet for my feelings that wasn't chocolate based.
Our lunch n learn topic for today was about counterfeiting money. I'm mildly concerned about my children's topic choices. Things seem to be getting dark. Fast. But this may come in handy when the economy collapses and Mr. Yoy is left to perform all legal work pro bono.

Side note: I had an eerily odd conversation with a checker at Target in January. He had recently graduated high school. Somehow we got to talking about how my kids watch these crazy YouTube videos, but it's all educational stuff.  So they are learning things, it's just the weirdest stuff on Earth. He confessed that the last few years of school he would look up all the topics he was learning in class on YouTube to supplement his education. And now, this is our reality. {CUE SPOOKY MUSIC}

After lunch, I was able to get Little E outside for like ten minutes of bike riding. It's better than nothing, I guess. Big E is in full hibernation mode. He hasn't left the four foot radius in front of our fireplace. I promise you, it's not hot. But calling this fireplace weather is a stretch.

Thankfully, the heavens parted and we received an Amazon delivery. During one of my middle of the night, insomnia shopping sprees, I purchased these:
Ted's Montana Grill is dead on when it comes to the number of bowls of half sour pickles I can consume (infinity) and the fact that these wax sticks keep my kids busy and quiet. It seems so simple and yet here we are.  Little E made me a coaster and Big E made a war scene complete with a combat zipline and tank.

Then I heard a car door slam. Visitors? People to see?

We ran to the back patio and there they were in flesh and blood, the highlight of our day, our Dunwoody family. They sat on the far side of the patio and we opened the back door but stayed inside. And we chatted. And it was nice and so normal except we were afraid to touch each other, but still so great.

Tomorrow is April, people. April 1st. April Fool's Day. I have heard my kids whispering about their prank planning, so I'm on high alert.  But I've got the best one up my sleeve. To wake them at 6:30AM and tell them that school is back in session!

Have a good evening!

Monday, March 30, 2020

March 30th. Day 15.

Day 15.

Six o'clock already I was just in the middle of a dream...

Monday. Manic Monday. But really it could be any day. The Bangles were really on to something. My Manic Monday pendulum swings from grateful that we are healthy and can be together to feeling trapped and worried that things will never be "normal" again. But chin up, I've got some momming and teaching to do.

Little E woke up pumped because he was going to have his first zoom call with his entire class. He wore his Rosh Hashanah finest to log on and tell his classmates and teachers all the crazy, weird stuff we've been doing to fill the hours. He's currently on hour four of building some centipede origami thing that technically is an assignment from his Target teacher, but he has done ZERO of his regular classwork in a gold medal procrastination performance. I can't even come at him for not doing his work because he keeps pulling up his teacher's blog and showing me this assignment. So, there's that.
Big E was big-time jealous that Little E got to see his class. As Little E showed everyone his Passover parsley plant he was growing, Big E wrapped himself in my beloved curtains, and creepily observed his little brother.

Big E finished his work in about 28 seconds. Or at least it felt like it. It was 11:30 and he was already accelerating lunch time. I'm just thinking ahead here...if we eat lunch at 11:30, then we eat dinner at 4:30 and everyone is asleep by 8. I think this is how it goes...except nobody in this house has seen a pillow before 10:30PM since we've been in quarantine jail. So I think this is the day the Yoys get introduced to the phenomenon known as the 4th meal.

As I got up to prepare lunch, I caught sight of Big E outside chatting with his friends, from a distance, of course. For the record, it is 73 degrees here in Georgia. So I guess my question would be...

Today's lunch n learn topic was about the world's shortest and longest wars. The longest war was about 700 years long, which to me, seems like a lot of effort. You have to be really stubborn to hold a grudge for multiple human lifetimes. Which leads me to the world's shortest war. This video was way wrong. It said like 14 hours. But I'd like to throw my hat into the ring. The war on my daily sanity is usually won about 2.5 hours after my feet hit the floor. The victor is always my children.
We are very heavy on wars in this house. If Big E ever runs for office, you'll want to remember this fun fact. 

After lunch, I decided to head out into the sunshine and work on the yard. I had some weeds that had taken over this one spot and it was all I could see when I looked out my window. I asked Big E to help and surprisingly, he agreed. I explained that we had to get these weeds out of the ground.

Big E solemnly asked me this question. I tried explaining that in certain states it was legal (and probably never in Georgia), but per the Federal government it was illegal and we had a nice conversation about Federal vs. States' Rights.  It also reminded me that he was always listening. GOVERNMENT = CHECK.

Big E abandoned my weed pulling and joined our neighbors for some lap running around the neighborhood. They ended up running for about an hour, and I was so happy that he finally left the house, got some sunshine, and worked up a sweat. P.E = CHECK.

I did my own adult level P. E. class. After weed pulling, I dug out a dead shrub and swept out the garage and front porch. Then I ate a donut. I'm basically Homer Simpson now. 

Big E attempted to have his after school Kids TV Club online. The teacher's sound wouldn't work. Oh, the irony. He did get another assignment due next week. I paid hundreds of dollars for this club and now I have extra work. He has to make a comedy video.


Hold up, Big E. Whatever street you are about to go down, I want to turn around right now. 

4pm. I was still struggling to get Little E to finish (or debatably START his classwork). But I found my friend and we hung for awhile.
Yes. Yes I did.

After peanut butter chocolate time, I took the boys out back to jump rope. P.E, again, CHECK! We listened to such classic 90s gems as Jump Around and Jump! I showed off my mad jump roping skills, courtesy of my high school basketball coach, while simultaneously trying not to pee my pants. 

Bladder collateral damage from carrying the Yoys is no joke. 

It's 5:30. A fine time to start preparing our third meal. I took the Switch out of hibernation, so Little E is quietly playing at my feet. Big E is working on his Boy Scout requirements for an online call later this evening. The poodle just walked in, looked me dead in the eyes, and peed in my office. Everything is as it should be.

I hope everyone has a good evening!

Friday, March 27, 2020

March 27th. Day 12.

Day 12.

I guess it's now the weekend?

Does anyone have any big plans?

I think we are going to spend 13+ hours/day on our computers, in our daytime jammies, and possibly take a ride in our car to nowhere. It's going to be E-P-I-C.

Day 12 of the quarantine was brought to you by pollen, Zoom and the new Netflix series Unorthodox (great book, btw).

Maybe my kids did their homework...I just ran out of gas today to care. Right before the weekly finish line. I stumbled and fell. 

I had a 1pm Zoom Challah baking call. Up until then, the boys had been pretty chill. No fighting. No talking. I'm not even sure they were breathing, with their faces glued to their screen and all.
But as soon as I logged on, you can bet your sweet ass they started a live action version of the Hunger Games, Big E as Katniss and Little E as Foxface. Good thing I was muted.

As the dough proofed in the oven, I made it through two episodes of Unorthodox. I'll have lots of questions for our 10:30am ZOOM call tomorrow.  My kids SAID they were doing their schoolwork during this time. They switched things up today and did no work in the AM. They felt they would be more productive on a Friday afternoon, which is about the funniest thing I've heard in the two weeks I've been in school prison with them.

Little E FaceTimed his best friend. I listened as Little E tried to relay a political joke I had read to him (it was long) to his friend. It was painful and confusing and wrong all at the same time. But his sweet friend laughed, all the same. 
Little E also showed him the origami he was working on for his school assignment. 

We attempted an online shabbat call with our family around 6pm. It was chaos, but it's always chaos. My challah was delicious. We ate it for dinner. 

After dinner, Little E opened up all the seed packets we'd received in the mail. I'm about to dig deep into my Missouri roots and start farming.  I have been on a veggie strike since I've been quarantined and I'm going to pretend that growing my food is enough of an effort to make me want to eat it. 
Look for the Yoyser family farmer's market coming to a driveway near you.

We had been doing so well growing our Passover parsley until Little E got mad at Big E for something super stupid and smashed his plant. We've got some next level revenge plots happening here at the Yoyser household. 
Et tu, Little E?

Anyway, I want everyone to raise a glass. Whether it's water, or wine. or Benadryl. A toast. To us. Two weeks down and and at least four to go...

Good Night!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

March 26th. Day 11.

Day 11.

Hey y'all! It's Thursday. You may or may not know this.

I took a few deep breaths this morning, and got out of bed with the intention of being a more patient human today. I am proud to admit that Big E and I got into zero fights today.

{Virtual High Fives}

I took their computers out of hiding and they began their schoolwork. No one complained and the boys even sat far enough apart that they weren't tempted to initiate fight club in between subjects.
Little E parked at my feet while I went through our toxic mail. Enjoy these Costco coupons and a potentially deadly virus.

I learned a few things today. I learned my kids created a meme of Little E eating Big E's math homework and then sent it to their shared math teacher. This is just a glimpse of their future...sending stupid photos out via e-mail. 
I give you, "My Brother Ate My Homework"

I learned about my penchant for drama. As I received the news that the boys were definitely out of school until late April, with a possible restart date of April 27th, I went outside, and yelled WWWHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY!!!?????, fists shaking and all. By the way, if they go back that week, that would be the absolute best birthday present ever. I'm just throwing that out into the universe, for whoever needs to hear it. 

I then came back inside and hooked this feed bag up to my face for my lunch. It helped. A little.

The boys finished up their work, ate their lunch, and hopped on their computers for zone out time. And I am ok with this. I was giving myself a break. I bowed out to the office where I'm proud to admit that I watched 16 episodes of Schitt's Creek. Really, it's the only thing getting me through quarantine. That and carbs. 

Little E received a special LEGO delivery from my folks, so he got busy building, Big E continued planning war strategies for his inevitable takeover of the world, and I received a special gift from my neighbor, Ms. C.
Georgia allergy season coinciding with a pandemic is a cruel, cruel joke.

I spent dinner hour chatting outside with my neighbors. Speaking to other adults face-to-face helps me relax. It reminds of the countless mornings we stood at the bus stop complaining about things that don't matter anymore. Oh, the good ol' days...

I'm signing off so the boys can get ready for their 8PM trivia call with our family friend, Mr. M. His goal in life is to stump them. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he doesn't. Tonight's riveting topics: History and Geography (CHECK and CHECK).

Tonight, I'm thankful that we are healthy. That I did not yell today at anyone, except Netflix and Poodle Yoy, who just took a steamer in the hall outside the office. And that I have the support of my friends and neighbors. The text chains alone are good enough to publish. 

Good Night!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

March 25th. Day 10.

 Day 10.

I just got back from my second walk of the day and I'm thankful for the beautiful sunshine. I'm pretending that all this walking will offset the bag of chocolate chips I murdered today.
MOM! ARE YOU SERIOUSLY GOING TO FINISH OFF A BAG OF CHOCOLATE CHIPS? - Says the judgy kid who requested a cream cheese and turkey sandwich for lunch. 

Today was not my best day. Like Little E who had a bad day last week, I, too, woke up on the wrong side of the quarantine. I was short tempered (which is unlike me) and had already fought with Big E before Mr. Yoy had even left for work. I locked myself in the office to begin the day and cool off.

I listened to them fight and get their work done (I think) from the safety of the office. After I had composed myself I went out to check the carnage. Not too bad, I might add. They had done most of their work and were requesting an early lunch (after eating an enormous breakfast). These little guys better be six feet tall by the time they are re-released into the wild.  


This was Big E's lunch request. After I stopped laughing, I searched our ever emptier fridge and pulled out deli turkey. This is all I had. Shockingly, he agreed to a (gag) turkey and cream cheese sandwich. 
He made it one bite before throwing in the towel.

After lunch they watched TV for a bit, I puzzled, and at 12:30, I suggested we go outside. I went upstairs to dig out their spirit wear shirts as today was school spirit day. I'm sure the dryer ate some clothes because I couldn't find Little E's shirt anywhere.


I hear Little E screaming and I find him on the stairs. Crying hysterically.

Big E had kicked him square in the chest while I was upstairs.

I lost it. I told them computer time was over and to hand them over. I feel like the computers scramble their damn brains and we are riding the struggle bus straight to addiction-town. 

Little E handed his over. Big E refused.


This is a laughable statement as five minutes before he had told me how he had completed all of his assignments. I asked him multiple times and he refused, which infuriated me. I'm in charge (but at this moment, it was debatable). I went back upstairs and threw a tantrum of my own, of which I'm not proud of, but I'm being honest here. I lost it. I took a stack of books from Big E's dresser and threw them off, creating quite the commotion. He came bounding up the stairs, shocked by the noise. He was stunned.

I used this moment to rush back downstairs, grab his computer, and place it safely in a good hiding spot. 

I, again, locked myself in the office to cool down. Time out twice in one day. I was going for the record. I had lost control of this homeschool. 

I went back upstairs and found Big E. We definitely needed to have a heart-to-heart. I apologized for erupting like a volcano on him. I'm a slow simmer, but when I finally go off, it's a big one. This was like Pompeii. We talked about how stressed we all were in this unique situation and how I needed him to be just a tiny bit compliant. It is a challenge for him, because he "knows everything already". It's so hard to go through my day asking my kids to do things and their number one, go-to response is either 1) no 2) no (but in a whining voice) 3) no with a suggestion on what they should do instead or 4) never yes. I also asked him to leave Little E alone. For whatever reason, they feel like they need to sit .5 inches from each other at all times and it just invites stupid fights and chaos. I explained we all had our own rooms and this was the time to use them. 

After our talk, we tackled our next activity, P.E. The boys dusted off Mr. Yoy's birthday present and took turns between rowing and other exercise intervals. 

We headed back downstairs to do a little more work. Big E needed to work on his ELA assignment, a comic book based on a fairy tale. Big E agreed (shockingly) and pulled out his create your own comic book and began to work. 
 I mean, how cute is this Goldilocks?

After ELA, we worked on letters for the Breman Jewish Home residents. They aren't allowed any visitors so letters are drawings are being requested to brighten their day. Little E made the cutest comic book. Big E wrote a letter and drew the USS Missouri. I mean, who doesn't want a picture of a naval ship?

I worked on our grocery list as we are quickly blowing through produce and while an all potato chip diet sounds good in theory, I don't think it is sustainable for our digestive systems.

So there it is. It isn't pretty. I'll admit it, I'm struggling. But I'm still trying. I cannot always control what happens to me, but I can control how I react. Today I did a terrible job. I let my temper win. I'm praying tomorrow I will do better.

I hope everyone has a good evening.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

March 24th. Day 9.

As I write this, Little E is in my office explaining that we aren't spending 24 hours a day together because I don't let him cuddle with me all night. But he just declared I'M GOING TO PULL AN ALL-NIGHTER!

I'm not sure what this means exactly, but I think I'm fixin' to jump in my car and do some laps on 285. Alone.

Day 9. Threat of another day-long rain scared me enough to get out of bed at 8AM to go for a walk while the boys rode their bikes around. I had to get some energy out of them. It was either this, or install a hamster wheel in the family room.

We relocated school up to the playroom for a change of scenery. The floor of my bedroom closet and the bathtub were losing their allure.

Big E dove into his mathwork. He asked me to help him with his work. Confidently, I read over the sheet and then read it again. Ummm....I sighed, stood up, and threw my math champ trophy in the garbage. I had been defeated by this volume problem. But I ask you, take a look at this sheet. Can you solve this riddle?! And if you can, can you please email me the solution? Just kidding...sort of.
It took us a little longer to finish up school work today because the boys were wrestling in between each lesson completed. I wonder if I'm the only teacher that is constantly breaking up fights between her students. Maybe if I threw on a referee shirt, I'd feel much better about how I am spending the majority of my days.

Big E found out he had been given free access to Duolingo, a website that teaches you different languages. I suggested Hebrew. Why not get a leg up on your Bar Mitzvah preparation? He vetoed that before I had finished my sentence. He wanted to learn FRENCH. Of course, so useful. He went to work learning useful things like I LOVE MY CAT and I'M EATING A CROSSAINT. (I wish).  When we transitioned to lunch, there was only one choice for my budding Francophile's lunch n learn topic.
Why France's Geography Is Almost Perfect. Geography and History (CHECK)

After lunch we settled in for our daily lazy fest. We worked on our puzzle and watched a few episodes of The Mandalorian. I know I am like three months late to this party, but can we please discuss how cute Baby Yoda is? 
Even with the glare from my window, he's still the cutest.

We heard some hustle and bustle at the front door and saw the Amazon guy approaching our house. My kids ran at the door at such a speed I thought they'd run right through the glass. They thanked him profusely through the still intact glass as he dropped off a box and then waited for him to walk away.  Inside was a quarantine gift from my parents. TOY SOLDIERS!
The boys spent the remainder of the afternoon setting up war scenarios on our back patio. Little E always had to be the losing country, and Big E knew an obscene amount of strategy. I will not being playing Risk with his ass anytime soon.  

They are fed. They are bathed. They are alive.

Good Night!

Monday, March 23, 2020

March 23rd. Day 8.

Day eight is brought to you by buckets of nonstop rain and Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, who played a live concert on Facebook tonight, and exponentially increased my mood.

Today I wavered between two emotions.

1) I've got this. The email with their assignments comes in the AM. The boys log onto their class blogs and get to work. We are becoming a well-oiled machine.

The other end of the spectrum swings to:

2) I will be locked up with these kids forever. We are all trying our best to be patient and kind and understanding, but we are like molecules bouncing off the walls and into each other. (Science requirement = CHECK.)

My kids enjoy cooking themselves in front of the fireplace, so this is where I found them doing their work. Well done, indeed!

Lunch time came quickly. Today's lunch and learn was brought to you by tortellini pasta and why landlocked countries still have Navies.
After watching this captivating video, I can tell you the answer. Because stubborn men are running their countries. The end. I just saved you some time. 

After lunch, Little E and I played our new favorite game, SUSHI GO! Not only do we enjoy eating the hell out of sushi, but now we can play a card game that reminds us how much we enjoy sushi and how terrible sushi is in EC. {sad tears}

All the sushi have faces which makes them so cute, but also makes me feel badly for eating them. Clearly, my brain function is declining as our days inside mount. 

We moved on to a 2,000 piece puzzle. We had started this puzzle in the fall, made it about halfway, but then had to box it up because I had to host some holiday and my dining room table needed to be cleared. So we are retracing some of our steps, but does it really matter because nothing really matters anymore...we have so much time. 

After puzzle time, this old lady was ready for some zzzzzs. We have a trial subscription to Disney+, so I just needed Little E to hook everything up. We (Little E) had a lot of trouble, but thankfully with wires and circuits and science and other smart words he used, he figured it out (computer science = CHECK). Little E and I climbed into bed and watched Frozen 2. But really I slept, while Little E nudged me a 1,000X to wake-up and pay attention. I tried, I really did. But my eyelids were winning the battle. Big E opted out of Frozen 2 because it is for girls (which I find to be absolutely ridiculous). We did have a nice discussion about man-made dams and while they are sometimes good for humans, they can mess up the local ecological system. (Environmental Science = CHECK)

There was very little fighting today, which I am so thankful for. I think the enormity of this is setting in for the boys.

Big E told me today he didn't think he'd have his 5th grade walk or graduation. He sounded very disappointed about it. I'm not very hopeful that it will happen either, but I'm not ready to tell him that. 

I pray that tomorrow the rain stops and we are able to get back outdoors and wave and shout to our neighbors and friends, from across the street of course. Staying indoors is so damn isolating.

Good Night!

Friday, March 20, 2020

March 20th. Day 5.

Everybody's working for the weekend, right? Except in our new world, there are no weekends. Every day is the same.

Friday. I find myself digging deep for my zen.

We had such a good day yesterday and I really thought we were moving in the right direction. But just like the virus that has us all locked away, my kids' behaviors and emotions come in waves.

Little E woke up on the wrong side of the quarantine and everything for him has been a struggle today. School work. Life. Meals.

The Yoysers are only 20 months apart. This presents some challenges. But the absolute best part of them being one grade apart, is that Big E did all of Little E's work last year. So if Mrs. Yoy can't figure it out (look, it happens...), Big E usually knows how to help.

I captured a sweet moment for the boys before things headed South.

They wrapped up their assigned work a little before lunchtime. I had a couple of optional assignments for them. 

First off, we sorted our Tupperware cabinet, which is Mr. Yoy's worst nightmare. He wakes up in a cold sweat thinking about that time he had to find a matching container and lid. In general, I'm a super organized person. But this cabinet is low and I'm so tall that I can't see what's really going on in there, and that's fine by me.

We talked about volume and measurements and I checked that math standard off the list.

Next up, we headed into our government and civics class. I give to you...

We went online together and filled out the 2020 Census. We talked about the different questions and why they were asked.

It was now 12:30. We'd made it to lunch. I tried to fool my kids and told them I had ordered a pizza from Jet's. 

This is DiGiorno, not delivery. They said, in a much different tone than in the commercials. 

Look, beggars can't be choosers, so they ate their half-risen, half-baked pizza. Today's lunch n learn topic, as presented by Professor YouTube was an engrossing, thirty minute video about country boundary changes from 1918-2018. I recently returned from a trip to Poland, and I can tell you, depending on the year, my family was either Polish, Lithuanian, or Russian. 

Geography AND History? Man, I was killing it today in extra subjects.

Dispersed between all of our learning and class changes, there was a lot of ticky tack fighting between the boys. If this homeschool had lockers, Big E would have stuffed Little E into it. Coupled with the internet coming and going like my UPS driver, tensions were very high. Little E cried and whined a lot. I tried to bring him out of his trance, but it was very challenging.

Big E went outside to run in the sprinklers, a repeat activity, I know. Little E claimed his foot was injured by his brother, so he stayed indoors and pouted. Big E ran around like he was filming a Dude Perfect video, but he's neither a dude, nor perfect, so it wasn't really working for him. 

I did have the opportunity to swaddle Big E like I use to do when he was a baby and it was very satisfying. If only he stayed wrapped up the remainder of the day. Instead, he focused all his energy on teasing Little E.

I prepared my challah for shabbat and tried to keep the peace between the boys. It was like refereeing a four hour WWE match in my home. They were knocking over chairs and running into walls. I kept waiting for the Rock to roll in through the front door and finish them both off. They would pause for a bit, laugh and giggle, and then move back to the murder zone.

I attempted a zoom call with my leadership class, and Little E sat in my lap, devil whispering about fixing the WiFi the whole entire time. Thank goodness I could stay on mute, for the most part.

Before I lit the shabbat candles, I begged them to chill out for the evening. I just needed some quiet. Some peace.

We had dinner and since then, they've been eerily calm. I think all the wrestling wore them out.

I'm trying to keep perspective. I know that as hard as this has been on me, it's also been very hard on the boys. We have plenty of food and Mr. Yoy is still gainfully employed. We are very fortunate compared to so many others in our community.

I leave you tonight with a quote from one of my favorite writers, Glennon Doyle.


Because we can. And we will.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

March 19th. Day 4.

Thursday. I've been waiting for this day. The Indigo Girls were planning on doing a Facebook Live concert at 6pm and I was ticking down the minutes. The ladies did NOT disappoint, by the way. And you can ask any of the other 60,000 people watching and singing along.

Today started with a little note from Little E's teacher. He had not been completing his assignments (not totally shocking). I told him and this was just the nudge he needed. I guess he didn't realize that she could see his progress. But that little nugget of knowledge lit a fire under his ass and he went straight to work.

Our strategy was a bit different today. We all gathered in the office, I worked on some tax returns, and the boys did their homework. And they actually did it without much complaint and by noon, they had knocked out most of their work. I had only yelled at them 21 times so far at that point, and based on my Homeschooling App, I had hit the 21 yells by much earlier in each of the three preceding days. So we were winning.

Little E and I went on our walk after their work was done, his suggestion, as his legs were too tired first thing.

We came back in for our daily lunchables n learn. Today's topic as presented by Professor YouTube, the Largest vs Smallest Human. Basically, it was a biopic about me and the boys.

I'm not sure which subject this fits into, maybe Anthropology? We'll classify this as one of their STEAM specials.

The sunny, warm weather lured us outside for our next activity, running through the sprinklers with our clothes on! We may have been bundled up in coats last week, but today was the first day of Spring and we were going to welcome her in the right way.

We practiced leaping over the water streams, pretending like we were majorly urinating (Big E), and power washing our faces. Now that the spas are closed, how else are we suppose to exfoliate? I'm counting this as our P.E. for the day, as I was panting from doing my graceful leaps through the backyard.

Next up, NAPS! Well, at least for me. All that running in the sunshine made me sleepy. I laid down on my couch with the intention of reading, but you all know how that ends (book to the forehead).

I tried to get the boys back outside to help me with some gardening. Little E has been working with his school on creating a butterfly garden, so I thought this would interest him. I had no butterflies, but I did have an electric hedge trimmer. He was a hard NO. But I took out all my frustrations and anxiety on my unruly hedges and had a very Edward Scissorhands afternoon.

I had a nice FaceTime chat with some friends I hadn't seen in awhile, the silver lining of this lock-in. Having time to slow down and see the people I love. I won't disclose the content of the call as it is definitely not kid friendly, and Big E reads all the blogs.

Mr. Yoy brought home a family meal from Local 3, one of our favorites, which included a drink called the SOCIAL DISTANCE. It was strong and definitely killed whatever was living inside my body, virus, organs, soul, and otherwise.

The boys are reading quietly in their rooms (or possibly sneaking on their computers), I'm too tired to get up and check.

I sincerely hope that you are finding some peace with our new reality. I can see my kids' faces light up when I suggest something new and silly and that is what is currently motivating me to wake up (but not before 8AM) each morning.

Good night!