Happy Second Day of School (E-mail sent on August 3, 2021)

Good morning from East Cobb! I am following up on an email I sent yesterday morning, to which I received zero responses. 

As a long time resident, I am writing you this morning to plead with you to reconsider the mask policy for Cobb County schools this year. I’ve been speaking with many parents and we are stressed and saddened by the lack of consideration and communication from the board regarding the recent surge of Covid.

In case you wanted to know, I can also see the future. And in two weeks when we are all at home, virtual again, with sick kids, teachers, bus drivers and others in quarantine, I will be thinking of you and your total disregard for the health of our children and our families.

Look, we all make judgment mistakes. We all have a crazy family member spreading conspiracy theories. But we don’t let these people and/or the internet comments section guide our work decisions. Gosh, I can’t imagine if I let my dad’s view of our income tax system influence how I prepared tax returns in my job as a CPA. I’d get fired. 

Please don’t let your pride interfere with morality. It’s time to do the right thing. We will applaud you for your common sense and bravery. 

In the meantime, it is with fear and dread, and not an ounce of happiness, that I (again) send my sweet and anxious children to Middle School this morning. How can I keep them safe? I have to rely on other parents to do the right thing, and based on yesterday, only about 1/3 of the my kids' peers had parents that are concerned with community health and spread. And that is incredibly frightening.

Thank you for reading. I eagerly await your response. 

Mrs. Yoy


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