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Mrs. Yoy: Up, Up, and Away

Tomorrow we will have lived in our new place a full month. My month has consisted off unpacking (not fun) and working with a designer on picking out curtains and bedding and art and furniture (very fun). I found a piece today at Home Goods which caught my eye.  I liked the colors and the size (small horse) as we are looking to fill a giant space in our family room, and of course the small price (because Mrs. Yoy is on a strict budget!) I took a quick shot of it and sent it to my designer. She told me to buy it. Which in theory, sounded like a good idea.  I lugged it to the TJ Maxx checkout and waited patiently with all the other ladies of leisure. I walked it out to my car and then it hit me.  This painting MAY not fit in my Avalon.  I almost missed my mini-van .  Almost. But I was hopeful.  First I tried the trunk.  Yeah, no.  This was not a good trunk for carting anything substantial around.  If I ever planned a murder, this would not be the car I'd commit my cr

"That's My Bike!"

Many years ago, I was a total b*tch to my younger brother.  For like the first 20 years of his life.  The beginning of this blog takes place in 1981.  We were fresh off our move to Florida. My brother and I were riding our bikes around the front of our rental home.  His ride was a babyish vehicle.  I had a bad-a** Big Wheel. The only reason I can easily recall this story is my dad filmed the whole thing with his giant video camera. It was like having a news station capturing your life. Or being the star of a reality TV show before they existed. My five year old self ran inside for a potty break. My brother looked around and noticed I was gone.  He took this chance to hop on MY BIG WHEEL. IT'S GOING TO BE WORLD WAR III WHEN SHE COMES BACK OUT. - My dad's narration. And sure enough it was. A_______!  THAT'S MY BIKE! I picked up his little tricycle and hurled it into the street.  I was like the hulk.  But not green.  And this ugly interaction became the stuff o

Greetings From the 'Burbs

HEEEEELLO, readers! I know.  It's been a long time.  And you've probably given up on me.  And for that, I'm sorry.  We moved. To the suburbs.  And it has taken about a month to let that sink in, to unpack, and to finish my book club book, which is tonight.  I didn't feel like I had the luxury of writing until I had all my chores done. We have settled into our new life here in East Cobb.  The Yoysers are adjusting well to the new school and I have made some lovely new neighbor friends. But of course, it wouldn't be us, if I didn't have any insane stories to tell you. So here we go, folks. This is the second year that the boys have taken the school bus to school. This was one of the few things they didn't have to adjust to.  They climbed the steps onto their new bus and were off. Their bus driver is a no-nonsense woman.  She keeps things in order because she drives 100+ 5-11 year olds to school and that is the only way to get it done.  And I apprec