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E. Coli - It's What's For Dinner

It has been a rough couple of days.  On Thursday night I took the baby Yoys and met Daddy Yoy up at the mall for dinner.  I contracted food poisoning at a mall restaurant to remain nameless, but rhymes with Tresh To Forder. I was sick all of Thursday night and finally fell asleep at 6 a.m.  I got a whopping 1.5 hours of sleep that night.  In my prior CPA life I would have called my boss and said I was sick and not coming into work.  Then I would have crawled back into bed and dozed in and out of a Law and Order marathon on TNT. In my current mommy life I have no backup.  I had a minor reprieve because Big E had preschool from 9-1.  I don't know if it was the sleep depravation or that I was constantly teetering on the edge of nausea, but Friday was hell on earth. It was that bad that Daddy Yoy had to leave work at 5 to come home and do dinner and bath time with the boys.   (Many thanks for that!!!!) I have to say, there is no worse feeling than being sick and having to take

In Search of a New Drycleaner

Big E is such a good little helper.  He LOVES to put things in his laundry hamper.  When I get ready to do a load, I actually have to go through it to make sure he hasn't cleared out his drawers and dumped a bunch of clean clothes into the hamper. I have also found toys, nail clippers, and a hair brush in his hamper.  In general, he is very focused on his hamper and Little E's hamper.  Mr. and Mrs. Yoy haven't experienced the hamper tamper, up until today. Our hamper has a section for dry cleaned clothes.  Mostly it is filled with Mr. Yoy's dress shirts.  Mr. Yoy went to our usual spot today to drop off the drycleaning.  As the drycleaning guy was going through the bag, he pulled out a pair of my underwear. Uhhh, Mr. Yoy, do you want these drycleaned? Cue uncomfortable moment between Mr. Yoy and drycleaning guy.  Thanks Big E. I don't pick up the drycleaning that often.  But the guy definitely knows me when I walk in.  I plan to lay low for a few months (

Good Morning to You!

Daddy Yoy and I were snoring away this morning around 6 am.  Then I heard it.  Crying.  Not baby crying, but toddler crying.  Immediately, I jumped out of bed, threw my glasses on, and ran down the hall.  I have to say, motherhood instincts and reactions are amazing.  I was in Big E's bedroom within five seconds. It was still dark out, so my strategy was to try and calm Big E down and rock him back to sleep.  My record for getting Big E to fall back asleep so close to his normal wake-up time isn't good.  And by not good I mean it's never happened.  But, I am an eternal optimist. So I was cuddling with Big E in his rocking chair.  He had his head resting on my shoulder. He was being sweet and cuddly which is very rare for a two year old.  I was enjoying this predawn peaceful time with him.  I was slowly rocking and sort of drifting off to sleep myself. Then I felt it.  Warm and wet, it spread up my shirt and down my pants.  DANG!  He just peed through his diaper.  So m

An American Tail

Today Big E, Poppy Yoy and I went to the movies to screen the 80s classic, An American Tail . This was to be Big E's first movie theatre experience.  I went in with zero expectations.  I figured if we lasted 15 minutes it would be a miracle. I have to say, I was very impressed with the little Yoy.  Granted, I had a giant bag of bribery goodness made up of Jelly Bellies.  But he did sit in my lap and in Poppy's lap and take in some of the movie. He also attempted to sit in his own seat, but at a whopping 27 pounds, the seat kept folding him up like a clam.  Epic fail. Seated next to us was another rambunctious little boy sharing the same hebrew name as Big E.  He dumped an entire bag of popcorn on the floor, stomped on it, and then proceeded to gobble it up like a vacuum.  With an embarrassed look on her face, his mother kept telling me how well behaved Big E was (wwwhhhhaaaatttt???) and how she couldn't keep her son from eating off the floor. This time I wasn'

Mrs. Yoy vs Kobayashi

I'm not saying that I want to enter the arena of competitive eating, I'm just saying that I could and possibly win. I love a good meal.  I love savoring the taste of good food and really enjoying it.  With the exception of a handful of meals that I have eaten without my children within a ten foot radius, I haven't really enjoyed a meal in the two plus years it has been since I've entered motherhood. These are a list of things that interrupt my meals on a daily basis: 1) Vomit 2) Poop 3) Flying food 4) Crying 5) Spills 6) Coherent requests 7) Incoherent requests 8) Wardrobe changes I have two choices at this point.  Never eat again.  For dieting purposes, this would be the better choice.  I'd  be back in my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans and loving life.  For functioning purposes, I would be one mean Mrs. Yoy. My second choice is what I like to call inhalation.  This is a crucial part of my current game plan.  I know I have about three minutes total to

Hell has frozen over

This is in my garage and it is all mine. Thanks to Mr. Yoy for conceding on the minivan thing.  This has been in the works for weeks, but I didn't want to say anything until it was official.  I'M SO EXCITED!

Dick the Bruiser

This is Poppy Yoy's nickname for Little E.  He has definitely earned his nickname.  I do most of the Little E lifting so my guess at today's weigh-in was 20 pounds.  I was only off by about a half a pound.  He weighed in at 19 pounds, 4 ounces.   Good-ness!  For fun, I pulled out Big E's six month stats.  He weighed 17 pounds, 2 ounces.  Two pounds may not seem like a lot, but when you are only 2 feet tall, it makes a world of difference.  To add insult to injury, Big E was a half an inch longer than Little E. Poor Little E. My mind wandered ahead 25 years.  What kind of job would Little E be good at if he ends up with his current physique?  (think bowling ball) Suggestions anyone? By the way, my biceps are rocking.  Try carrying around nineteen pounds plus the weight of the carrier all the time.  I can just see the workout craze now... forget the shake weight!

Peeping Tom

Should I be concerned?  I'm changing Little E's diaper and getting him into his jammies when Big E comes running into the room repeatedly saying "????????" over and over again. He's saying it with such passion and intensity that I think something is wrong. What are you saying? "???????"! "???????"! Huh? "???????"! I ask Big E to take my hand and show me what he is so excited about.  He leads me to the window in our upstairs bonus room.  The blinds are closed as they pretty much always are because in the city our houses are very close together.  Like, I-could-potentially-set-their-house-on-fire-if-I-held-a-lit-candle-out-the-window close. He walks over to the blinds and spreads them apart and points "???????"! I look out our window and see he is looking in our neighbor's window and seeing their stairs. It is dark, their blinds are open, and their hall light is on. First I think, you are really that excite

60 Minutes, 3 Outfits

It was past noon, so I figured it was time to change Little E out of his jammies.  I put him in such a cute Superbowl appropriate outfit.  Coupled with his stoutness and giant head, he was really looking the part of a lineman for the Green Bay Packers. We went downstairs to have a bottle.  No sooner than five minutes post bottle he erupted like Mt. Vesuvius.  There was no saving the Superbowl outfit.  Dang, I should have taken pictures. I grab Little E and lug him back upstairs to put on an equally cute outfit, minus the football theme. Up next, sweet potatoes. I pass him off to Grandpop Yoy to do the feeding.  We made it about halfway through the bowl and then had eruption number two.  His second little outfit of the day was DOA. I grab Little E and lug him back upstairs again.  Then we had a heart to heart.  I made him swear to stop spitting up.  I held up the third outfit he was about to get changed into.  I asked him, don't you want to wear this for the football game?

Most Likely to Be Kidnapped

If I were handing out senior superlatives today, Big E's would be most likely to be kidnapped .  On more than one occasion, including today, he has grabbed a complete stranger's hand and gone for a walk with them.  He does not have an inherent fear of strangers.  And, this kid likes to go for walks.  So, whoever is offering up their hand, he is willing and able to hold on and go with them.  It could be Santa, Charles Manson, me - he doesn't make a distinction. This scares the crud out of me. Today we went to Sears to have portraits done with Big E, Little E, and Cousin Yoy.  The two babies did great!  Big E was a disaster.  Not surprising.  He kept wandering out of our little studio and into the studio next to us where he attempted to hijack a pregnant woman's maternity shoot.  Then he took her hand and went for a walk with her.  I was feeding Little E and trying to keep it together, but I know I had that insane look in my eyes.  I was the overwhelmed mother.  I hat

The Next American Idol

Yeah, yeah every parent out there thinks their kid is the most talented that has ever been born.  I am not one of those.  I did take Big E to a music class for about a year.  He spent most of the time running around the room, playing with the floor air vents, and sitting in the other mommies' laps (but definitely not mine).  I didn't think he was absorbing anything musical. Then, a funny thing happened.  He began singing.  It started out small, like the ABC song. Pretty standard stuff for a 2 year old.  To date, these are the songs I have been able to identify as part of his repertoire.  Remember he is two, so only about half of things that come out of his mouth can be translated into English. 1) ABCs 2) Hey, Soul Sister by Train 3) Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (he also LOVES to watch the video on YouTube) 4) Take Me Out to the Ballgame 5) Baby by Justin Bieber (of course!) 6) Secrets by One Republic (he picked this one up by watching the preview for Love and Other Drugs)