We are talking advantage of all Florida as to offer, including kids eat free night on Wednesdays at Duffy's.  To our surprise, there was a young girl there making balloon animals for all the kids.

The Yoys were ecstatic.  And because they are ultra creative, out of all the animals in the world, they both picked dogs.  Yawn. And Little E asked for a Poodle Yoy Doppelg√§nger.

Balloon dogs in hand, I escorted the Yoys outside as my dad settled up the bill. They were getting antsy and our well behaved time had sadly come to an end. Except Little E's poodle untwisted itself and he now possessed a deformed snake. He shrieked in agony. All the old people slowly turned their heads and gave me and my misfit gang dirty looks.


And she did, thankfully.

But because I'm nothing, if not realistic, I knew this would not be the last time we had a balloon animal malfunction and began to steel my nerves for it.

After bath, we were snuggled on the couch watching Wheel of Fortune.  Big E was throwing his balloon dog all around.  And shockingly, it came untwisted.

Then came the flood of tears.  Big E was hysterical.

I took a moment to curse the balloon animal girl and then I composed myself.  I took Little E's still intact dog and studied it for a few moments.  I went to work on Big E's balloon dog.  After a lot of twisting and listening to that horrible noise the balloon makes while you are manipulating it, I had fixed Big E's dog.  It was back to it's original form.

My parents applauded.  Big E smiled through his drying tears.  I felt the need to get up and take a bow.  Because in that moment, I was super mom.

The Yoys proudly displaying their balloon dogs.

Week old balloon poodle.  Still kicking it.


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