Mrs. Yoy: Up, Up, and Away

Tomorrow we will have lived in our new place a full month.

My month has consisted off unpacking (not fun) and working with a designer on picking out curtains and bedding and art and furniture (very fun).

I found a piece today at Home Goods which caught my eye.  I liked the colors and the size (small horse) as we are looking to fill a giant space in our family room, and of course the small price (because Mrs. Yoy is on a strict budget!)

I took a quick shot of it and sent it to my designer.

She told me to buy it.

Which in theory, sounded like a good idea.  I lugged it to the TJ Maxx checkout and waited patiently with all the other ladies of leisure.

I walked it out to my car and then it hit me.  This painting MAY not fit in my Avalon.  I almost missed my mini-van.  Almost.

But I was hopeful.  First I tried the trunk.  Yeah, no.  This was not a good trunk for carting anything substantial around.  If I ever planned a murder, this would not be the car I'd commit my crime in.  I needed my grandma's old Grand Marquis.

Still hopeful, I opened the back doors and slid the painting into the backseat.  One door closed.  The other did not.

And still hopeful, I moved the front car seat up to try and angle the painting in there, but it was a no go.

So I did what any civilized lady would do.  I shouted the "F" word.

Then I frantically called into TJ Maxx and asked if I could store this sucker until I had access to a bigger car, I'm looking at you Mr. Yoy.

Overall, the story doesn't seem that interesting, but I left out the detail that makes this whole thing a hell of a lot more fun.

It's windy out today.  I would even say gusty.  I don't know if it is related to the storm churning in the Caribbean, but weather was not doing me any favors today.

My hair was swirling around my face.  And every time a gust of wind hit me and my beloved painting, I finally knew how it felt to go para sailing over the gentle waves of the Atlantic.  I was so close to catching air and floating my way home.  I looked drunk as I walked the painting out to my car (why did I park so far?) and then back into TJ Maxx.

I'll post a picture once the painting goes up in its new place.

Thanks for reading!


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