Big E: He Knows No Boundaries

Greetings from Florida! 

There have been many things to blog about, but I caught a case of the lazies and haven't been motivated to write.  Plus, my parents bought a computer with the new windows operating system and it might as well be DOS.

Today, everything changed.

My parents' neighborhood has a kiddie pool.  Said pool is riddled with my parents' neighbors' kids and grandchildren escaping the frozen tundra of Kansas City, Boston, and Long Island, just to name a few.

Big E loves the kiddie pool.  We are usually the first ones to arrive and then Big E's "friends" begin to trickle in.

I put friends in quotes because within minutes of meeting, Big E has made forever friends with the kids (and their parents).

This morning we met a family from Boston.  Their son was almost two and very adventurous.  Let's just say this kid drank a ton of pool water, even with his dad shadowing his every move.

Big E was immediately drawn to Boston Daddy.  And thankfully, Boston Daddy was very patient and kind with him.  I watched in horror as the following events happened and/or topics were discussed.

1) Religion:  ARE YOU CHRISTIAN?  This led to a light discussion on interfaith marriage.  Awkward for all involved. 

2) Back Scratch:  Yep, Big E gave this man an unsolicited back scratch.  Mr. Yoy would have been so jealous.  Boston Daddy seemed to enjoy it.

3) Butt Rub:  Boston Daddy had on a pair of super tight racing swim trunks.  They had all sorts of triathlon symbols all over them, so I gather he was into that nonsense.  Personally, I didn't think they were necessary for the kiddie pool, unless he was planning on racing all the little kids, but alas, I am not the fashion police.  Anyway, Big E kept tracing the triathlon symbols which happened to be on his backside.

4) Swim Lessons:  Big E attempted to teach Boston Daddy's toddler to swim.  I guess two summers of hard core lessons with Miss C has rendered him a certified swim instructor.  No one drowned, so I consider this a victory.

To summarize, it was two hours of overstepping boundaries and oversharing of information.  I pulled Big E aside multiple times to explain personal space and appropriateness.  This did not seem to penetrate his chlorine soaked skin.

So I just sat there.  Mortified.  Maybe I was sunburned, but most likely my red glow was embarrassment. 

P.S. I had a picture of all the action, but I can't figure out where it goes when I download it from my email because this computer blows.  Sorry.


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