Ramblings From Mommy Prison

Day 3.

Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday.

Three days.  No school.

I'm sure my single friends cannot comprehend why everyone is complaining about being stuck at home with their kids.  All while the quantity of alcohol consumption hits freshman year of college levels.

So let's take a closer look at the situation.

Yes, I did intentionally get pregnant with both my kids.  Yes, I love them dearly. Yes, they bring me great pride.

But they have this thing called school.  For Big E, it is from 7:45-2:30 EVERY DAY. For Little E, it is from 9-12:30 EVERY DAY.

So, EVERY DAY, at a minimum, I have 3.5 hours to enjoy using the bathroom in private, grocery shopping without having to stop at the bakery for a cookie, working out without being asked constantly when I will be finished, and sometimes, if I'm really lucky, meeting a friend for lunch.  It's what keeps me sane.  And keeps my kids alive.

First, school is taken away from me.  Then the roads become impassable.  So I'm a prisoner.  With two kids who are used to being engaged for a large portion of the day.  And it's mutiny.

Oh, I can engage them.  For a time.  But eventually I run out of steam (wine/caffeine).  And I want to be left alone to curl up into the fetal position and rock myself until bedtime rolls around.

Today started promptly at 7:06.


And, I'm up.

We head downstairs so that Mr. Yoy can sleep as he worked until after 2 in the morning.  I make the Yoys breakfast and then embark on a marathon of games. Guess Who? Chutes and Ladders.  I Spy Go Fish.  And finally, Candyland. After, I lose my fourth straight Candyland game to Big E, we head to the playroom to work on his learning books.  But Big E won't let me veg out in the comfy chair.  I have to do the learning books, too.  So I spend an hour practicing writing out my capital letters.  I kick-a** at this, by the way.

After, what appears to be an eternity, I glance at the time.  It's 10:40.  I've been playing for three hours straight and it is only 10:40 in the morning.  This is a cruel joke.  I quickly calculate that I still have about six hours until I can legitimately begin bedtime.

I ask Big E if he wants to go out and play in the snow (even though I hate the cold, I'm willing to sacrifice.)


My fate is sealed.

I chased them around the house for a while playing our new favorite game, MOMMY MONSTER, cooked up some lunch, and finally, gave into the Leap Pads.

It's quiet now.  Except they are both laying at my feet playing their Leap Pads.

Big E has tomorrow and Monday off for a previously scheduled winter break.

Little E has off of school all next week.

I'm going to have to dig deep, but I'll make it.  And you will, too!

Stay strong, Atlanta moms! You are rockstars!

Nap Time!


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