Mrs. Yoy: Impeccable Timing

Today I was mystery reader for Big E's class.

The plan was to do a Navy Seal sneak in, read to the class, and sneak out.  No tears. No drama.

I signed in at the front desk and turned down the Kindergarten/Pre-K hallway. There was a class of older kids filing into the art room.  On the opposite side of the hall was another class heading into the computer lab.

And perfectly placed, directly in my line of sight at the far end of the hallway, was Little E.  Returning from a trip to the bathroom during his class's rest time.

I froze.  Did he see me?  I tried to duck behind some second graders, but who am I kidding?  I'm six feet tall.  I cursed my wardrobe decision.  Why had I not worn my camouflage? Alas, there was no where to run.

Ok, play it cool, Mrs. Yoy.


Like a perfectly calibrated missile, Little E located his target, me.  He was so happy to see me.  He lunged at me, grabbed onto my leg and hung on for dear life.


This was not a problem for Little E.  He was coming with me.  Which was fine, I just wanted him to tell his teacher.

Little E opened the door and I waved to his teacher and mouthed "BUSTED!"

I took Little E into kindergarten and he was very well behaved.  When I had finished reading I told Little E to go back to his classroom.  I was expecting a fall down on the floor, academy award winning performance.  But he just said ok and went back to class.  This was HUGE for him.  Big E also was very nonchalant about me leaving and I made eyes at his teacher and got the hell out of there. Pronto.  I thought there was a 100% chance that I was leaving school early with two Yoys.

Instead, I came home and got to work.  Folding laundry and watching Fixer Upper. My work here is never done.


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