With Knowledge Comes Power, Or Possibly Nightmares

Big E has been given the opportunity to check books out of his school library the past few weeks.

For whatever reason, instead of settling on my preferred type of read, chick lit, he is all in on a series of books that focus on energy.

We've read about fossil fuels, renewable resources, and the latest (and my person favorite) nuclear power.

The thing that makes these books fantastic bedtime material is that they are boring as sh*t.  I'm basically half dead by the time I make it through the 20 or so pages.  But not Big E.  He is FASCINATED.

And a book about nuclear power is not worth reading without mentioning the dangerous side effects of disposing of the waste and the time our country dropped a couple of these suckers on Japan and killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Big E was very concerned about the nuclear power plants.  He insisted that I google where the closest ones to our home were.  They're in SE Georgia, thank goodness.  Because if they were in the metro, he'd probably make me build a fallout shelter in our backyard.

After discussing how far away the nuclear power plants were, he made me google where the closest plant was to Grandma and Poppy.  And then his St. Louis cousins.  He definitely inherited his worry gene from Mrs. Yoy.

Sweet dreams, Big E.  Here's hoping you dream of three-headed Chernobyl birds and WW2 bombings.


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