The Yoysers: Out of Sight

I know it is a terrible idea to compare your kids.  And I know one day the Yoysers will read their blog and I don't want them to think I favor one perfect child over the other perfect child.


But for two people from the same gene pool, their looks, their personalities, and their adoration for their mother couldn't be more different.

Big E has always been a student.  This has been documented numerous times. When homework assignments began in Pre-K, Big E was in hog heaven.  And that's saying a lot for a jewish kid.

Little E would prefer to burn his homework in the fireplace and use it for warmth.  Getting him to sit down and do it is painful.

We are struggling most with his sight words.  He immediately blocks out anything with four or more letters.  Those are TOO HARD.  We dutifully go over them each night, and he stumbles on the same ones over and over again.

Sometimes, I just stand up and walk away from the table.  I feel like that is more mature than flipping it over in frustration.

Yesterday, Little E and I had made it through the current list he was working on. He knew all but two.  I got up to finish unloading the dishwasher.

And then something amazing happened.

Big E sat down in my spot and began to coach Little E though his current list and then onto the next list. And Little E didn't scream like he was being murdered (that came moments later when Big E snatched the Paw Patrol book Little E was looking at).

Big E had all these tricks I didn't know about.  I guess I'm 35+ years removed from learning to read, but it's fresh on Big E's mind.

Maybe I'm going about this all wrong.  Maybe, I should be OUTSOURCING this portion of my parenting duties.


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