Little E: What the F?

The annual Toys R Us toy catalog arrived in the mail today.

This is a monumental day for the Yoys. It is the day that they go page by page, circling toys that they want me to buy them for Chanukah, that I'll probably never ever buy them for Chanukah.

But it takes up a good hour of their time, so I'm all for it.  Even if it means crushing their consumer dreams.

Little E was circling away when he came upon this:

He was reading aloud all of the details of this S'more Maker. All I could hear was "THIS THING WILL MAKE THE BIGGEST MARSHMALLOW MESS EVER AND DO NOT ALLOW IT INTO YOUR HOME."

Little E was struggling with one of the words.



I shot up from my chair and walked over to him and this pornographic catalog.

FLICKERS. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, it spells flickers. As in a flame.

I stifled a laugh and handed it back over to Little E.

No chance in hell, my friend.


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