Happy 7th Day of School! (E-mail sent on August 10th, 2021)

Good morning from East Cobb! I am following up on the multitude of emails I've sent you since the first day of school on August 2nd, to which I have received zero responses. 

Today, I've recruited a guest author, my amazing twelve year-old son, Big E. He really wants to share with you his thoughts regarding the situation within his school:

"I went into school thinking this will probably be ok, I bet a lot of people will wear their masks. I WAS WRONG. Twenty percent of the kids are wearing masks. And I know that at least half the kids aren't vaccinated. I'm scared for them, my friends, and my little brother. Sometimes it's very stressful and it affects my ability to concentrate and learn. I hope you require that all individuals wear face coverings inside my school. Signed-Your voice from Middle School, Big E"

New since the last time I emailed into the echo chamber of the Cobb County School District email server... Dr. Howard held a very informative FB live session last night with a panel of doctors from across many medical disciplines. I highly recommend you take an hour to watch the replay along with a mirror to take a good look into y'alls souls. Next week’s planned in-person back to school parent nights have been disappearing faster than the ice shelf in Antarctica. If gathering a bunch of parents into a classroom, where masks are optional, is not prudent or safe due to widespread viral infection, why is this same model safe for our children? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE! Please, I'm really struggling with the inconsistent application of safety protocols. 

Please don’t let your pride interfere with morality. It’s past time to do the right thing. Our current infection rate in Cobb County is up to 446 cases per 100,000 folks. We've already created significant community viral spread over the past week of this failing science experiment.  If none of this implores you to update your mask policy, please think of the exhausted doctors and nurses in our community that will have to come along in our wake and fix this preventable mess. I know you can do it! We will applaud you for your common sense and bravery. We will throw you a parade, virtually-of course. 

I'll be here, anxiously awaiting your response. Any response. A blink. An ear tug. An emoji. Bueller? Bueller? Any confirmation that you have read my message and are alive.

Thank you for reading. 

Mrs. Yoy


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