Unhappy (Sick) Fifth Day of School (E-mail sent on August 6th, 2021)

Good morning from East Cobb! I am following up on the emails I've sent every morning since the first day of school on August 2nd, to which I have received zero responses. I see what you're doing here. You prefer more of a dear diary format. Where I send you my inner most thoughts regarding your mismanagement of Cobb County School District COVID policies and you voyeuristically read along. I daresay you look forward to my morning message. 

As I was saying, as a long time resident, I am writing you this morning to plead with you to reconsider the mask policy for Cobb County schools this year. I’ve been speaking with many parents and we are stressed and saddened by the lack of consideration and communication from the board regarding the recent surge of Covid.

New since yesterday. The Cobb and Douglas Public Health Department made a statement regarding our County's lack of mask mandate. To paraphrase: "Certain members of the school board have gone rogue. We can't make them be more worried about public health than re-election. And we're making this statement to set up the ultimate I TOLD YOU so moment of 2021. Right behind, mom jeans look good on no one."

Look, we all make judgment mistakes. We all have a crazy family member spreading conspiracy theories. But we don’t let these people and/or the internet comments section guide our work decisions. Gosh, I can’t imagine if I let my dad’s view of our income tax system influence how I prepared tax returns in my job as a CPA. I’d get fired.

Please don’t let your pride interfere with morality. It’s past time to do the right thing. We've already created significant community viral spread in the four days of this maskless bonanza.  Think of the exhausted doctors and nurses that will have to come along in our wake and fix this preventable mess. I know you can do it! We will applaud you for your common sense and bravery. We will throw you a parade, virtually-of course.

How can I keep them safe? I obviously can't. Sadly, my 6th grader woke me at 3:30AM with shooting pains in his stomach. The vomiting began shortly thereafter. We will be heading to get tested first thing this morning. 

Thank you for reading. 

Mrs. Yoy

P.S. "Mom-there is a boy in my class that is wearing a full-on gas mask to school." - Big E, Middle School student.



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