Happy 9th Day of School! (Emailed on August 12th, 2021)

Good morning from East Cobb! I am following up on the multitude of emails I've sent you since the first day of school on August 2nd, to which I have received zero responses.

Today I was made aware that one of you, I'm looking at your Mr. Banks, HAS been responding to parent emails regarding their mask policy. All with the same message:

Unfortunately for everyone involved, Mr. Banks' responses included a link to a video on www.bitchute.com which justified his viewpoint on the lack of mask mandates. I had not heard of this medical website, so I googled it. And this was at the top of the search:

I actually gasped as the enormity of the situation hit me. The joke I had made in my earlier emails about not listening to your crazy uncle spewing conspiracy theories had missed the mark. David Banks doesn't have a crazy uncle, he IS the crazy uncle. Plot twist, I know.

As I read more about this website, my blood pressure erupted. This website was for videos too extreme for YouTube. Holy Moly! Have you watched YouTube? I have. And some of these professional content creators do the most dangerous and idiotic stunts on there, but even they aren't blocked. So Bitchute must be the dregs of humanity. And THIS is where I find my school board member trolling for medical info regarding the efficacy of masks. This gives me all the warm fuzzies and begs me to ask what else is Mr. Banks reading up on on this website? Cobb County's schoolchildren are a wonderfully diverse group of kids. Their education should not be determined by someone who visits the dark web for hate sites. Digest that as I move along. 

New since the last time I emailed into the echo chamber of the Cobb County School District email server...East Side Elementary called the parents and guardians of their entire fifth grade class and told them to come and get 'em like supper in the South!

The ripple effect of poor leadership includes these children who will now be out of the classroom for the next week or so, which to me highlights the importance of mask wearing: keeping students healthy and learning in the classroom. How is this not your highest priority? (Re-election doesn't count so don't say that aloud). Their parents will now need to be at home with them, as these are ten and eleven year-olds. Some will get sick and continue to spread COVID onward to others in our community. What about their siblings at our middle and high schools?

MAKE IT MAKE SENSE! Please, I'm really struggling with the inconsistent application of safety protocols. 

Please don't let your pride interfere with basic human decency. It's past time to do the right thing. We've already created significant community viral spread over the past week of this failed science experiment. If none of this implores you to update your mask policy, please think of the exhausted doctors and nurses in our community that will have to come along in our wake and fix this preventable mess. I know you can do it! We will still applaud you for your common sense and bravery, although maybe with a little less enthusiasm as this is getting exhausting. 
I'll be here, anxiously awaiting your response. Just please make sure it doesn't include a link to bitchute.

As always, thank you for reading. And I'll see you at the mask rally later today.

Mrs. Yoy
David Banks sleeping through a Cobb County Board meeting. This is what I'm working with. By the way, his wife defending him and said he wasn't sleeping, he just has droopy eyelids. 


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