Can I Graduate?

This week I'll be attending back-to-back graduation ceremonies for Little E and Big E, Pre-K and K, respectively.

I will be attempting the world record for the most crying in a public school.

I'm sad to leave my school.  I'm proud of my kids for not being expelled. Well, yet, anyway.  It was touch and go for awhile, but Big E finally pulled up that Calculus grade.

And thanks to Facebook's new feature, I am greeted daily with pictures of the Yoys when they were babies.  Back when they smelled so good I had to restrain myself from licking their sweet faces.  Before they sass mouthed me and broke my spirit on a daily basis.  Seeing their baby pictures regularly really hits home. The Yoys are no longer little boys.

They are getting older and less dependent on me every day.  Well, at least Big E is.  I have a feeling Little E will be living with me forever.  I'll still be spoon feeding him cottage cheese and rubbing his back when he is forty.  Don't judge.

The point is, I will be having lots of feelings.  So watch out.  You've been warned. And also you may want to arm yourselves with kleenex.


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