Less than 24 hours...

Until Big E and I hit up NYC.

I'm already getting nervous about the flight.

Mr. Yoy flew with him last month, and with the exception of their plane being struck by lightning, mid-air, things went smoothly.

I am not a great plane passenger.

If Big E was not accompanying me, I'd spend the duration of the flight gripping my armrests, waiting for us to crash or get hijacked or some other dreadfully unlucky event.

But now I have to be Mrs. Yoy, the cool and easy going traveler.

Maybe I'll be Mrs. Yoy, the cool and easy going and just a tad drunk traveler.

Below are the list of things Big E will be forbidden from doing on the plane:

1) Talking

2) Using the bathroom

3) Drinking Water

4) Kicking the seat in front of him

If he can follow these four cornerstones of toddler plane etiquette, everything should be A-ok.

In any case, pray for me.  I mean us.
Big Apple meet Big E.  Hopefully you guys will become fast friends.


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