Attack of the Killer Pigeons

After our visit to the Georgia Aquarium, I let the Yoys run wild around the big grassy area between the GA and Coke.

Those boys have endless energy and if 30 minutes of them acting like maniacs and scaring homeless people makes for a more manageable afternoon, then I am all for it.

As always, there were nasty pigeons and little finches eating up the scraps from the nearby snack spot.

Big E had found another little boy to run around with. The two boys were slowly circling a Pigeon.


Big E alerted the other little boy to their impending attack and subsequent doom.

The little boy's face registered a look of panic and he ran off.  His puzzled father was left to comfort the little boy.


Look, I am the first to say I hate pigeons.  They rate extremely high on my skeeve out scale.  But I'm pretty sure they are not attack pigeons.  Unless you are a piece of bread.

This isn't the first time Big E has pulled the biting card.

Where is he getting this stuff?

Does he sneak out of his bed at night and watch a double feature consisting of The Birds and Piranha?

Maybe I'm raising the next Eli Roth?  Mr. Yoy would be so excited!

On a related note, our visit to NYC next weekend is going to epic if Big E thinks the pigeons will attack him.
In my son's sick world, this is what would happen.


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