Ambush Refresher Swim Lessons

This afternoon begins a three week (2x a week) course of refresher swim lessons.  Big E will be reunited with his swimming archnemesis, his swim teacher.

On the painful to watch scale, Big E's swim lessons were somewhere between major accident on 285 and a human birth video.

His screams and cries still haunt my sleep.  Need a recap? Check it out here!

The amazing thing is, Big E has been swimming all summer.  He loves the pool.

Big E will occasionally mention his swim teacher and how he never wants to see her again.  Every time this happens, and nugget of worry forms in my stomach, as I knew this day was coming.

And here it is.  And I haven't grown a set of balls yet to tell him that after Little E gets up from his nap, we are heading down to the pool for lessons.

I'm not even sure how to bring it up at this point.  We are less than three hours away.

Should I mention it now and let him whine about it all afternoon?

Should I just say we are going swimming to get him down to the pool?  And then BAM! SWIM LESSONS!

Should I read Raffy Learns to Swim for the 472nd time since June and hype up swim lessons?

I'm torn.

Check back later, as I'm sure some epic sh*t will have gone down during the big reveal...
I'm going to print this out and just hold it up while Big E cries.  I'll just pretend this is my kid.


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