Stinky Feet

This afternoon we took the boys to see the Braves play.

The weather was pretty decent for mid-August.  Neither incredibly hot nor sunny and our seats were shaded and FREE!

The kids lasted the whole game, which impressed both Mr. Yoy and me.  Unfortunately, the shady weather did not last and both kids were now sporting sweat-hawks as we made our way back to our car.

Big E informed me he was "SUPER THIRSTY" which I guess is one step up from really thirsty.  I must use "super" frequently in my daily dialect as Big E has picked up on that.  He is sort of starting to sound like a teenage girl, which is mildly concerning to me.

We grabbed Big E a water bottle from a street vendor and continued on to the car.

As we drove home, Big E guzzled his water.

And then he got quiet.  Which is almost always a very bad sign.  But, alas, I was worn out from the game and too scared to check the mirror to see what was really going down.


I get that a lot from Big E.  The second row air vent is right above his head and sometimes I overestimate the need for the hurricane force fan and arctic temp settings.

Mr. Yoy casually glances back at Big E.


Oh, snap.  Now I have to look.  But I am a reluctant witness.

He had taken off one of his Crocs.  And then poured the remnants of his water into the shoe.  Basically he was using his shoe as a strainer because we all know that Crocs are the swiss cheese of shoes.

Big E just sat there, soaking wet and shivering.


I almost didn't want to ask, but curiosity gets the best of me.


He seemed pretty dang proud of his solution.

Mr. Yoy and I stifled a round of laughs.

My main concern is that Big E is going to turn out to be the gross kid that always smells his feet and eats his boogers in class.  I mean, who does that anyway?

May I suggest this as a better solution.


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