Let's Get Real

In my pretend-perfect mommy world, my kids are the cutest, best-dressed, most well-behaved and mannered children anyone has ever encountered.  They are one notch below robots.

Their diets are impeccable.  They only ingest unprocessed, organic foods.  They are basically doing the Paleo diet.

Snack cups full of goldfish and cheerios?  The thought of it makes me gag.  Who would poison their kids with that crap?

Saturday morning we took the kids to the Peachtree Farmer's Market.  We attend under the guise of buying fresh organic fruits and vegetables, and sometimes we actually do.

But let's get real.  I make a beeline to the Queen of Tarts, where I get my fix of warm fruity pocket goodness.

This past Saturday, we bought the Yoys hummingbird muffins.  I'm not really sure what they are, but I heard pineapple and banana and I was sold.

We sat the kids under a tree and divided the muffin up for them to eat for breakfast.

I watched as the Yoys went to town.  Little E was basically eating the paper the muffin came in.  He couldn't get enough.  Within five minutes, a muffin crumb beard had popped up on his face.  He was in heaven.

Big E wasn't far behind, although he wasn't as messy.

I bent down to them and attempted to wipe their hands and faces.  This IS Buckhead and I don't want all the richies to think my kids are barbarians.

When I stood up, I noticed a familiar face walking towards me.  It took a minute for me to place her, but then it hit me.


Normally, I would love to run into Dr. K.  I love her!

But here I was.  A sitting duck.  Feeding my kids complete and utter crap for breakfast.  I was so busted.  I hate that.

HI, DR. K!

I tried to sound casual and upbeat.  I prayed she didn't notice what the boys were eating.


Thanks for that Big E.

I laughed nervously.  I made sure to mention it had fruit in it and hoped we cut skip the whole childhood obesity epidemic conversation.

I was relieved when she mentioned she only came to the market for the baked goods!


Around the same time, my mom walked up with some fresh carrots.  Her timing was perfect!


I thought that, but didn't actually say it.  My guilt already hung in the air like an unpicked apple.  Which, by the way, would have been a much better food choice.

For the record, the carrots are still in my fridge.  The rest of the hummingbird muffins are in the Yoys' bellies.

I guess it could have been worse.  I could have had a grocery cart loaded with stuff like this.


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