Night Swimming (not just a top 5 REM song)

Tonight I took the Yoys to Mr. Yoy's company softball game.  It was a 6:30 game, early enough that it could potentially work.

I pushed my luck a tad when we then went to Fellini's after their epic loss.

The boys were pretty good, given the time.

I buckled them in and headed home around 8:45.  I was tired, although they showed no signs of stopping.

I was willing to gamble my life's savings on them both falling asleep on the drive home.  They both were in desperate need of a bath, so I could not allow this to happen.  I rolled down their windows, cranked the radio, and fielded question after question from Big E.  I felt pretty confident I could keep them awake.

In between Big E's questions, I went through everything I needed to do tonight before I was able to meet my long, lost friend.  My bed.

Then I realized it was Tuesday night.  The cleaning people would be here in the morning, and I was pretty sure my house was a sh*tshack.  Panic pulsed through my veins.  I have so much to do and I'm so tired.  Lord, I sound like such a privileged whiner.

Upon our arrival at home, Mr. Yoy took the boys upstairs and I straightened up downstairs.  It still needed some major work, but getting them to bed was priority numero uno.

Big E was naked by the time I reached upstairs.  His clothes were strewn about like Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumbs.

Little E was running around with his bath cups.  He was in a superior mood given we were about 2.5 hours past his normal bedtime.

I turned the tub on and waited for it to fill up.  I grew antsy, so I decided to clean up Big E's clothes.


He sang it in that oh-so-familiar tattletale tune.


I ran in the bathroom.  There sat Little E.  Fully clothed. Fully shoed.  Laughing is head off.  In a tub half full of water.  Sweet.

I call for Mr. Yoy.

We laugh uncontrollably for about 30 seconds.  We are so proud.

Little E will be two next month.  For the past four months, I've had to drag his naked body into that tub.  He wants nothing to do with it.  Tonight, something must have piqued his interest.  Maybe it was the giant duck watering cans my mom bought him last week.

I got to work peeling off his wet clothes.  An added bonus for me, his water logged diaper.

It is too late and I'm too tired for this sh*t.  But Little E is so happy and smiley, it is hard to stay mad at him.

Both boys are now asleep and I'm staring at Little E's soaked New Balances.  It is hard not to crack a smile.  I love my crazy house.
Little E: Ending today on a high note.


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