Mrs. Yoy: Friends Wanted

I have seen Mr. Yoy a total of 8 awake hours over the past week, with the majority of it coming last night when we hired a sitter and went over to the Dwood Yoysers to visit with my brand new nephew.

Mr. Yoy is killing it at work.  He is working crazy long hours and with NBA players now trademarking their eyebrows, I may never see Mr. Yoy again.

Anyway, I'll admit it.  I'm bored.  And, a little lonely.  I try to put the kiddos to bed at a reasonable hour, and then I have a few hours to tool around the house.

I can only eat so much ice cream and watch so much Say Yes to the Dress before my brain begins melting and slowly slides out of my ears.

Tonight, I spent 30 plus minutes on the phone with a stranger that was contemplating buying my bar stools I had for sale on Craigslist.  We were chatting it up about how hard it was to find the right bar stools.

The ones I am selling are pretty nice, solid stools.  My one complaint is that they have wicker seats and if you look close enough, you can see the remnants of every meal Big E has eaten lodged in there since he began using the stools in 2010.

My patience for tweezing old food out of wicker bar stools currently stands at nil.  So, I am selling them instead.  I, of course, did not disclose this to Miss G, even though she was a lovely lady.

I did mention the stools once belonged to Mr. Yoy's ex-girlfriend.   Every time Big E passed gas or smeared something nasty on them, it brought me nothing but pure joy.  They've been in my kitchen since we moved in in 2006, taunting me, and I've finally been motivated to replace them.

Miss G and I agreed the stools should not be in my house any longer.  We chatted and chatted and chatted.  In the end, I told her the stools were probably going to be too short for her counter.  She thanked me for my patience and kindness.  I wished her luck on finding the right stools.

We said our goodbyes.  I may or may not have shed a tear.  I liked Miss G.

What is my point, you ask?

To all my friends out there, if you are also bored, or are sick of your husbands, call me.  I'll be here.  Watching TLC, where people with minimum wage jobs buy budget busting wedding gowns.

And if I don't know you, please leave a comment!  I always wonder if anyone is reading this...

Good choice, Randy, very good choice!


  1. I am reading this:) As my hubby is working (at home). Instead of Yes To the Dress, I am glued to the Bravo shows, hence my comment on FB last night from the Housewives of OC. What would I do without them to fill my time at night? haha!

  2. We really need to get together and complain about how much our husbands work. :)

  3. My husband is working too :). Wish I was closer and could hang with you (and the whole feldman clan).

  4. LOVE IT!!! And how do they buy such expensive dresses....

  5. I'd love to know. It is was one of the mysteries of the universe.


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