Mrs. Yoy and The Big One

The Big One would be the massive 3.3 earthquake that rocked Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas at 3:26 am on Sunday.

This isn't a very involved story, I just wanted to point out that both Mr. Yoy and I were woken up by the unidentified noise.

It sounded like a mash up of our door rattling and the hard wood floors squeaking.

We both had the same reaction.


We peered through the darkness of our room to make sure we weren't having an Alex Trebek moment, and then resumed our snorefest.

Living in the city of Atlanta has scarred us for life.

Our go-to thought was breaking and entering.  We literally have criminal minds.

In a million years, we never would have come up with an earthquake.  Even if we were in California.

It truly is a miracle we survived.


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