Little E: Taking Credit For Others' Hard Work

Like other members of our fabulous, male-dominated family, Little E is never short on gas.

Not the $3.79/gallon type, but the type that clears rooms.

At first I would ask Little E if that was him making all that noise.

He'd look at me and smile.


And he always owned up to it.  He was proud.

But then things took a turn towards weird.

I've noticed recently that anytime anyone within earshot passes gas, Little E is the first to claim it.




Then it hit me.

For the rest of eternity, we now have the ability to pass gas anytime, anywhere, as long as Little E is close by.

Where we once blamed everything on Poodle Yoy, we will now have a more willing blame participant.  I mean, he actually admits to it.


Bring on the Varsity hot dogs!
We actually own this book.  Shocking, I know.


  1. This is hilarious. Wish one of my boys did that...oh, not that I need someone for that...I don't *ahem* do that. haha.

  2. It really is such a useful trait. He must be making up for all the barfing he did as a baby.


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