Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Big E: Are You Going to Eat That? Part 3

I know, you probably can't believe this has become a trilogy, but it has.  I'm hoping this will be the end of it, but I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I should just get accustomed to having sons who eat nasty things and call it a day.

We were having a lovely, expensive lunch during our day at Disney.  Our friends from South Florida joined us for our trip.  So this event had witnesses.  That I will see again.  Hopefully.

We sat down at our table and immediately Big E pleaded with me for something to eat.  He was starving to death right before our very eyes.  Even though he had housed a snack size bag of Smart Food popcorn like 15 minutes prior to us being seated.

I hastily gave Big E a box of raisins so I could get a whining reprieve.


Honestly, I thought he was going to pull out a nasty booger.  Cause that's how he rolls.

To my surprise, he pulled out a raisin.  I half yelled/half laughed because his raisin trick truly caught me off guard.

I went back to chatting with our friends.


Great, this must be his new schtick.  I tilt Big E's head up.  I see nothing.  This raisin must be lodged in his brain.  I immediately panic.  My stomach lurches.

Thank goodness Mr. Yoy is on it.

He grabs a napkin and demands Big E to blow his nose.

After three blows, the raisin came shooting out of his nose like a spitball out of a straw.  The sound it made will forever be imprinted in my memory.

Big E laughs, picks up the freed raisin and, of course, eats it.

That's my boy!

I'll be pulling these out of Big E's nose til eternity.

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