It's a Smell World After All

Mr. Yoy and spent yesterday in the Magic Kingdom.

The morning we spent with Big E, but as the day wore on and his energy level depleted, we made the decision to run him back to Mr. Yoy's childhood home, and return to the park for an adult evening.

Mr. Yoy and I had a fantastic evening in the park.  A little after 11, we called it a day.  We were both drop dead tired.

As we shuffled along with the crowds of people boarding the monorail to the parking lots, the collective crowd exhaustion hung over us like an impending thunderstorm.

We were about to board our selected monorail car, when the man boarding in front of us farted.  Loudly.

Not like an I-ate-too-much-fruit-today-and-one-slipped-past-the-gates-fart, but an intentional fart.  This man gave birth to his fart.


The words spilled out of my mouth before I could stop them.  I think he was foreign, so I'm pretty sure he didn't understand me.  Hopefully.

Then he did it again.

This stopped us dead in our tracks.  There was no way we were getting in a small, enclosed, heated monorail car with fart guy.

We swerved to the next car which already had multiple strollers and screaming babies.  It was a marked improvement.

Uhhh, we'll take the next train, thanks!


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