Yes, I brought my baby to Weight Watchers

Wait, don't judge me.  Yet.

My meetings are every Wednesday morning when the Yoys are at school.

Little E awoke this morning with a touch of emphysema, so I kept him out of school.  

This week Mr. Yoy and I had a very full social calendar.  We went to many parties and ate many bad things and drank many glasses of wine (mostly me). But I was very diligent with my exercising and staying on plan the rest of the time, so I really wanted to go to my meeting and see my weight loss.

My original plan was to weigh in and leave.  Last time I popped in for a weigh in with Little E, he thought we were at the doctor's office and cried the whole time.  I had low hopes it would be different this time.

But it was.  

After weigh in (BOTH OF US, BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME!), Little E walked right over to the meeting area and sat in a chair.  I guess we were staying.

I told my meeting leader we'd see how Little E did, but we'd probably be leaving shortly.

I told Little E he needed to be quiet.


Little E told me all about how quiet he was.  The irony was not lost on me.


Great, now I was the chick breaking out goldfish crackers during a meeting filled with hungry people.  As Little E chomped away, the aroma of cheddar waifed through Weight Watchers.  Stomachs rumbled.


He handed me the Weight Watchers weekly pamphlet.  Why won't Little E just listen to our leader and then I wouldn't have to read it?

But we made it, and everyone complemented Little E on his behavior and speaking ability.  

Boy, did we fool them!
Everyone welcome our newest member, Little E.


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