Mrs Yoy: In Need of a Good Shampoo

Have you seen the whooping cough commercial which urges all adult caregivers and family members to get vaccinated so your poor, sweet baby doesn't get infected and cough itself to death?

It terrifies me on a daily basis.  Not contracting whooping cough.  Just having to watch this horrific commercial.

We had a baby sitting directly behind us on today's flight.  And no, I'm not going to complain about her crying, because I am a mother and I have mad sympathy for anyone flying with children.

I am going to delicately mention that I'm 99% sure this baby had whooping cough.  Every time she coughed/struggled for air, I died a little bit inside.  I'm sure her mom wouldn't take her on a plane if she had some dark ages infectious disease, but it sounded painful.

I hope adhering to a strict Magnolia Bakery diet while on my trip boosted my immune system to the point that I won't be coming down with whatever she was coughing into my hair for the duration of the two hour flight.

Why, yes, I'll have another piece.


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