Big E: Nosey Boo Boo

Big E fell flat on his face this evening.

At first I couldn't tell if the blood was real or if it was residual paint and/or pizza sauce.

But his tears were very real, so it's safe to assume that the blood was not for show.

I calmed him down and assessed the damage to be a few surface scrapes and a rudolph-like nose, which I believe is the correct medical terminology.

As bedtime approached, I received some terrible news courtesy of Big E.

ANY SCRAPES OR BUMPS TO MY NOSE WILL CAUSE ME TO STAY AWAKE ALL NIGHT.  (It was even better in person, with his seriousness and overzealous hand gestures)

My hopes for an early, peaceful evening sunk like my jokes at a cocktail party.

But in the end, the 6.5 hours of school + 2.5 hours of playdating + 1.5 hours of pizza eating overpowered Big E and he boarded the express train to dreamland.


If you see Big E tomorrow, make sure you say hello!


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