The Yoys: Auditioning For Scary Movie 10

My house may or may not be haunted.  Understandably, I'm a little jumpy.

Little E retold his creepy ghost story AGAIN at Big E's school playground yesterday after class.  He's keeping the topic trending over here at the Yoy residence.  Which leads me into my next story...

The morning alarm came too fast.  Mr. Yoy and I were out late jamming to the likes of Toto and Kansas last night.  We were paying for it this morning.  I mumbled something to Mr. Yoy and rolled over to grab my glasses.


I levitated into the safe clutches of the ceiling fan.

Standing one inch away from my pillow was not one, but both Yoysers. Shoulder to shoulder.  Perfectly still.  Smiling in the dawn light.

How did I not hear those guys slip into our room?  Their nighttime approach resembles a herd of elephants.

I'm going to have to booby trap our bedroom door, Goonies style, if this continues.

Try waking up to the boy version of this.  


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