Little E: A Lesson In Gravity

This morning I was startled awake by screams.

It was still dark so I wasn't sure which crying child was headed my direction.


I yelled from my cozy bed.  My tongue bathed in the remnants of last night's wine adventure.

More cries.  But this time my keen ear distinguished this to be Little E.

I thought his streak of never vomiting had unfortunately come to an end.  The only time Big E cried like this was when he vomited all over himself and his bed, which was awesome, by the way.


Poor Little E.  He dropped it like it was hot.  Right out of his leathery Costco trundle bed.

I pulled him into bed as I still hadn't garnered enough strength to get up.  I'm not even sure if Mr. Yoy woke up for this.  He quietly snored away next to me.

I soothed Little E as I strained to catch the time.  6:30.  He's up for the day.  And with all the adrenaline pumping through my tired body from the sudden wake-up call, I'm up, too.  I might head down to our street and flip some parked cars over.  For fun.

Who's with me?


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