In Search of a New Drycleaner

Big E is such a good little helper.  He LOVES to put things in his laundry hamper.  When I get ready to do a load, I actually have to go through it to make sure he hasn't cleared out his drawers and dumped a bunch of clean clothes into the hamper.

I have also found toys, nail clippers, and a hair brush in his hamper.  In general, he is very focused on his hamper and Little E's hamper.  Mr. and Mrs. Yoy haven't experienced the hamper tamper, up until today.

Our hamper has a section for dry cleaned clothes.  Mostly it is filled with Mr. Yoy's dress shirts.  Mr. Yoy went to our usual spot today to drop off the drycleaning.  As the drycleaning guy was going through the bag, he pulled out a pair of my underwear.

Uhhh, Mr. Yoy, do you want these drycleaned?

Cue uncomfortable moment between Mr. Yoy and drycleaning guy.  Thanks Big E.

I don't pick up the drycleaning that often.  But the guy definitely knows me when I walk in.  I plan to lay low for a few months (or years) until he forgets he saw my underwear.


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