60 Minutes, 3 Outfits

It was past noon, so I figured it was time to change Little E out of his jammies.  I put him in such a cute Superbowl appropriate outfit.  Coupled with his stoutness and giant head, he was really looking the part of a lineman for the Green Bay Packers.

We went downstairs to have a bottle.  No sooner than five minutes post bottle he erupted like Mt. Vesuvius.  There was no saving the Superbowl outfit.  Dang, I should have taken pictures.

I grab Little E and lug him back upstairs to put on an equally cute outfit, minus the football theme.

Up next, sweet potatoes. I pass him off to Grandpop Yoy to do the feeding.  We made it about halfway through the bowl and then had eruption number two.  His second little outfit of the day was DOA.

I grab Little E and lug him back upstairs again.  Then we had a heart to heart.  I made him swear to stop spitting up.  I held up the third outfit he was about to get changed into.  I asked him, don't you want to wear this for the football game?  He said yes, so I changed him for the third time.

I wish I lived in the tropics.  Honestly, if it was warm enough, I'd never put clothes on this kid, just a diaper.  This would save me loads and loads of laundry and patience.

Dr. Yoy keeps telling me the reflux will subside around 10-12 months.  That is at least four months away.  Little E will definitely make it, but I can't guarantee I will.


  1. Dream big-- Reid's spitting stopped at about 9 months. You are almost there! Until then-- huge and massive bibs until 20 seconds before the guests arrive!

  2. Cousin Yoy tried to give Little E a run for his money with her projectile show!


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