Peeping Tom

Should I be concerned?  I'm changing Little E's diaper and getting him into his jammies when Big E comes running into the room repeatedly saying "????????" over and over again. He's saying it with such passion and intensity that I think something is wrong.

What are you saying?




I ask Big E to take my hand and show me what he is so excited about.  He leads me to the window in our upstairs bonus room.  The blinds are closed as they pretty much always are because in the city our houses are very close together.  Like, I-could-potentially-set-their-house-on-fire-if-I-held-a-lit-candle-out-the-window close.

He walks over to the blinds and spreads them apart and points "???????"!

I look out our window and see he is looking in our neighbor's window and seeing their stairs. It is dark, their blinds are open, and their hall light is on.

First I think, you are really that excited over stairs?  I thought there was a fire or a strange man in our home.

Second I think, is it time for the Peeping Tom lesson already?  I thought first we'd cover the merits of sharing, why we don't hit others, cleaning up our toys etc.

So I say "Big E, it is not nice to look into other people's windows."  That should cover it.  He looks at me like he has no idea what I am saying, then shouts for the 50th time in the last 10 minutes, STAIRS!

On a side note, check back tomorrow.  Little E goes in for his 6 month checkup and the Yoy family is taking bets as to how big the baby beast is.  I'm going on record to say he is a 20 pounder.


  1. I thought I set my account up to alert me when there is a new post...but it doesn't work....I will have to keep checking back.....from the pictures I will put my guess in that Little E is 17.5 pounds.

  2. Someone else told me that, too. I'm trying to figure it out. Or, I should say, Mr. Yoy is trying to figure it out for me. :)


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