Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Morning to You!

Daddy Yoy and I were snoring away this morning around 6 am.  Then I heard it.  Crying.  Not baby crying, but toddler crying.  Immediately, I jumped out of bed, threw my glasses on, and ran down the hall.  I have to say, motherhood instincts and reactions are amazing.  I was in Big E's bedroom within five seconds.

It was still dark out, so my strategy was to try and calm Big E down and rock him back to sleep.  My record for getting Big E to fall back asleep so close to his normal wake-up time isn't good.  And by not good I mean it's never happened.  But, I am an eternal optimist.

So I was cuddling with Big E in his rocking chair.  He had his head resting on my shoulder. He was being sweet and cuddly which is very rare for a two year old.  I was enjoying this predawn peaceful time with him.  I was slowly rocking and sort of drifting off to sleep myself.

Then I felt it.  Warm and wet, it spread up my shirt and down my pants.  DANG!  He just peed through his diaper.  So much for our bonding time.

After a double wardrobe change, I brought him back to bed with me.  I figure, if I can't sleep why should Daddy Yoy be able to.  Yes, folks, that is what we in the Yoy household call teamwork.

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