The Next American Idol

Yeah, yeah every parent out there thinks their kid is the most talented that has ever been born.  I am not one of those.  I did take Big E to a music class for about a year.  He spent most of the time running around the room, playing with the floor air vents, and sitting in the other mommies' laps (but definitely not mine).  I didn't think he was absorbing anything musical.

Then, a funny thing happened.  He began singing.  It started out small, like the ABC song. Pretty standard stuff for a 2 year old.  To date, these are the songs I have been able to identify as part of his repertoire.  Remember he is two, so only about half of things that come out of his mouth can be translated into English.

1) ABCs
2) Hey, Soul Sister by Train
3) Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (he also LOVES to watch the video on YouTube)
4) Take Me Out to the Ballgame
5) Baby by Justin Bieber (of course!)
6) Secrets by One Republic (he picked this one up by watching the preview for Love and Other Drugs)
7) Forget You by Cee Lo (we listen to the clean version)
8) MmmBop by Hanson
9) The Hot Dog Song by Mickey Mouse
10) Happy Birthday

On top of those classics, he has picked up a bunch of Hebrew songs from preschool.  Oh, he loves to sing those in public.  People just stare at him.  They probably think he has some sort of speech problem, but I don't have the energy to explain to them that my child is belting out tunes in Hebrew.  It's mildly embarrassing.  But, hey, this kid has major passion about Shabbat.

He also makes up songs about his family, especially a certain Uncle Yoy.  It is amazing to watch.

Anyway, as I sit here watching American Idol I have to think,  will Big E be on Season 23 of the show?  Will he make it to Hollywood or will he be one of those sore losers they have to beep out?  We'll find out after the break...


  1. I love the Uncle Yoy song!

  2. After reading your previous post....I think you need to teach him some Destiny's Child....that would be hilarious!!

  3. After watching the Bieber movie...I say get a microphone and some musical toys/instruments....he could be the next tween sensation!!


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