Most Likely to Be Kidnapped

If I were handing out senior superlatives today, Big E's would be most likely to be kidnapped.  On more than one occasion, including today, he has grabbed a complete stranger's hand and gone for a walk with them.  He does not have an inherent fear of strangers.  And, this kid likes to go for walks.  So, whoever is offering up their hand, he is willing and able to hold on and go with them.  It could be Santa, Charles Manson, me - he doesn't make a distinction.

This scares the crud out of me.

Today we went to Sears to have portraits done with Big E, Little E, and Cousin Yoy.  The two babies did great!  Big E was a disaster.  Not surprising.  He kept wandering out of our little studio and into the studio next to us where he attempted to hijack a pregnant woman's maternity shoot.  Then he took her hand and went for a walk with her.  I was feeding Little E and trying to keep it together, but I know I had that insane look in my eyes.  I was the overwhelmed mother.  I hate being her in public.

Luckily, there were two pregnant ladies there having maternity pictures taken.  Externally they were smiling at me and my unruly bunch.  Internally they were thinking what the hell did I get myself into?  But they were very understanding, and I appreciate that.

The pictures turned out great and the photographer even managed to get a good one of Big E, even if I had to pin his legs down.


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