The Dreaded Parent Teacher Conference

Today we had Big E's parent/teacher conference.

This phrase has taken on a new meaning since I had children.

It is hard to explain how personal, as a parent, you take criticism and comments about your child.

I realize that parenting only gets you so far, and then the child's personality takes over.

For those of you that have met Big E, you know he is a mini Mr. Yoy, at least in personality.

He is very outgoing and friendly and gregarious.

So why am I so worried about a parent/teacher conference?  Surely Teacher Yoy sees the same qualities I see in him, right?  Or am I wearing "Mommy Goggles"?

Here are my top five fears in no particular order:

1) Your kid picks his nose during class and eats his boogers.  The kids all call him booger eater.

2) Your kid hits other kids.  The kids all call him Rocky.

3) Your kid is dumb.  The kids all call him Snooki.

4) Your kid can't pull his pants up after he uses the bathroom.  The kids all call him gangsta.

5) Your kid is terrible at P.E.  The kids all call him Jewish.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Big E received a glowing review from his teacher.

And I don't mean that in a braggy brag type of way as I am not that kind of mom.  I mean that more in a WHEW! type of way.
Really the only thing accurate about this picture is that we were all sitting at a desk.  Even if the desk was made for three year olds and my knees were grazing my earlobes.  

I do have to say Mr. Yoy looks good with a mustache and I look amazing as a blond.


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