Little E: (Diaper) Independence Day

Today is the day.

I've put it off as long as possible.  The phrase I hate to even allow to slip past my lips.

Toilet Training.

It has to happen.  Little E turns three at the end of the month.  But that's not what's motivating me.  One month from today, August 5th, Little E begins preschool and he must be bathroom independent.  We are on the clock!

It is approximately six hours into toilet training.

Little E has used the potty frequently depositing a few drops here and there.  He usually goes to the bathroom when he wakes up and before the bath, so this is not newsworthy.

It's the pooping that is killing me.


Once he didn't even bother to tell me.  I smelled it coming from his training underwear as he meticulously worked on his trains.

The second time was a precisely planned drop between two overturned matchbox cars.  This kid puts lasers to shame.  It was mere minutes after I asked Little E if he had to use the potty.


I got the brush off.

And then I got out of my clorox wipes and went bananas on the playroom floor.

Little E is currently watching a movie, naked, on the floor in my bedroom.  I'm afraid to nap him today.

I hate this.

Like I said when I trained Big E, I'd pay big dollars for someone to do this for me.


Let's do this!


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