The Yoys: They Will Never Ever Ever, Sleep Together

Mr. Yoy and I had been tossing around the idea of bunk beds for the boys.  Had is the key word here.

The test run is happening right now at my parents' house.  The Yoys are sharing a room.  They each have a twin blow up mattress.

Tonight will be night four of them bunking up.  We have many nights to go and I'm not sure we will survive unscathed.

Last night, Big E didn't want to go to sleep, so he kept Little E up with his antics.  Once Big E was ready to doze off, Little E was so overtired and insane that he wouldn't let Big E fall asleep.  So they were both whining and crying and fighting. 

I took a shower to escape the noise.  When I came out, my dad had moved Little E's mattress into my bedroom as he was being a trouble maker.  Little E cried and ran back into the room with Big E.

This was not going to work.  I dragged his mattress back into the bedroom of hell.

My dad decided he would go outside and bang on their window.  Or better yet, shine a flashlight in the window claiming to be the bedtime police.

We were all frustrated, but I'm 100% sure that my dad's ideas would cause more harm than good.  They'd be afraid to sleep in that room.

I told Little E the next time I heard him, his mattress was going out back on the patio and he'd have to sleep with the alligators and pray that they don't eat him for a midnight snack.

That finally did the trick.  The boys fell asleep at 9:45.

Unfortunately they were both in my bedroom at 6:45AM. 

I expect nothing but complete sh*t behavior today. 

This will never, ever happen.


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