The Art of the Transfer

We have reached Monday evening of Labor Day weekend.

We have done tons of eating and playing and swimming and learning books. Not much napping and most definitely not much sleeping.

As I navigated 285 on the way home from a visit with our family, my mind wandered to the upcoming week.  It wasn't until I was about half way home, that I noticed the eerie silence that had enveloped the van.  I peeked into my bus driver mirror and saw both Yoys, heads slumped over.


I yelled this to myself for fear of waking the beasts.  I spent the remainder of my drive strategizing how I would get them out of their car seats and neatly tucked into bed without a flutter of the eye.

So take note parents.  This may be helpful to those of you struggling with the transfer.

1) Always carry a set of pajamas.  I had the Yoys bathed and fed when I left D-Wood...just in case an opportunity arose.

2) Once home, close the garage door with all car doors shut.

3) Exit the car and head inside (while leaving the door from the garage to the house open!) to do some pre-transfer work.

4) Close blinds in bedroom, turn on sound machines, turn on fans, pull back blankets, and crank air conditioning.

5) Slowly unbuckle first Yoy.  I chose Big E as he is more of a challenge.  I carried those 37 lbs of love and energy precariously up the stairs as Poodle Yoy panted and danced around us.  I think she forgot the part where she is geriatric.  I'd appreciate it if she played the part instead of trying to wake up my kid.  As I dropped Big E into bed he looked at me briefly and then rolled over.  I quietly shut the door.  My mission was 50% complete.

6) Slowly unbuckle second Yoy.  This process was made more interesting by the puddle of drool that had lubricated the buckle.  Again, I carried a sack of potatoes up the stairs as my dog tried her best to trip me. Little E's descent into his bed was a little sloppy as I was getting excited.  He briefly woke from the feeling of falling (many people have this happen when they sleep), except this time it was actually because I dropped him.  I quietly shut the door.

And it was over.  The perfect transfer.  I did a victory lap around my bedroom and the bonus room.  I high-fived no one in particular as Mr. Yoy is at work.  But it was 7:15 and I was clocked out. **

**As I typed this, Big E's door swung open.  Like any good mom, I quietly stood up from my computer, tip-toed to my bedroom, laid down in my bed and pretended to be asleep.  After a few tense moments, Big E located me.  He just wanted a re-tuck.

 If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. - Many Smart People


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