Happy Birthday to me!

Today I put 37 to bed and welcomed 38 with wide open arms.

I'd like to think I've grown wiser with age.  So I'm sharing a few nuggets I picked up over the past 365 days.

1) Go.  Go where you may ask?  Go anywhere.  Commit to do something.  Even if you are dead tired and would rather zone out on the couch and reread your three month old Glamour magazine.  Just go.  You'll most likely have fun and meet new people.  It won't kill you.  I promise.

2) You don't have to love red wine just because everyone else pretends to.  Don't get me wrong, I'll drink just about anything, but I don't have to pretend to love it. It's warm.  And it stains your teeth.  But it DOES slow down consumption considerably, so that's a plus.

3) Tell your friends you love them and miss them.  Chances are everyone is busy with life and days and then months slip by and you haven't had a chance to meet up for lunch to vent about all the things that keep you apart.  It's hard. Especially with kids.  You fall into the parenting abyss and sometimes it is years before anyone finds you.

4) Appreciate your stuff.  You have so much stuff.  Way more than most people.  Don't covet. You have cool sh*t, too.  Plus, it's just stuff.

5) Humor is more powerful than tylenol.  Or advil.  Whatever your jam is.  Even when it seems like humor is totally inappropriate.  Try it.  It makes everything better.

6) You don't have to be trendy.  Yes, I was all over the peplum top thing last summer.  HELLO AGAIN, BAGELS!  But then the fashion world b*tch slapped me with the influx of crop tops.  What in the world?!  First, I binged on bagels and then the very next season you make me show off my bready belly?  Mall, we are officially O-V-E-R.

As I embark on 38, I look forward to becoming another year wiser.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.  I go to sleep with a full heart tonight.  And belly.

Literally, a Publix cake.  Mind. Is. Blown.


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