The Yoys: Blacked Out

The sunshine has been hanging around about an hour too long for Mrs. Yoy.

My militant bedtime of 7pm (sometimes 6:30 on extra militant days) had become a sweet, fuzzy memory.  Bedtime was stretching into the eight o'clock hour and sometimes beyond.  This was severely limiting my time to blog, check my e-mail incessantly, watch crappy television and engage my inner laziness that I suppress during the hours of wake-up to bedtime.


Every night I am asked this question.  At first I tried to explain time zones and daylight savings to the kids and I actually almost put them (and myself) to sleep.  But after a month of trying to answer this question, I came up with a new strategy.

I bought blackout curtains.  Navy.  Their once bright and cheery little boy rooms have been miraculously transformed into damp dorm room caves.  I guess you can say I'm just prepping them for life in the AEPi house.

My handyman agreed to come out on super short notice which made my day. Clearly the previous Jewish Parade incident did not scare him off.  He even inquired about my Easter plans, so he didn't recall the whole Israeli flag waving thing.  Whew.

I'm ecstatic to report that I put the boys down at 6:45 and I have not heard a foot step or voice or the jiggling of a door handle.

This exceptionally smooth bedtime was brought to you by Target and my handyman.  Thanks!

I was going to post an actual picture, but it was too dark! Ha!


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