Big E: Always Be Catalog Selling

This afternoon, my new neighbor innocently rang my doorbell.  Her car battery was dead and she wondered if I could drive over and jump her car.

Of course I could, but first, what is a car battery?  Kidding.  Sort of.

She had the jumper cables and actually knew where they went so I just popped the hood and let her work her magic.

Big E saw this as an opportunity.  He ran in the house and gathered all of his fall fundraiser catalogs.  He was finally going to get his chance to close the deal with a neighbor.

He went through his whole spiel and pressed for the hard sell on the cookie dough.  I felt bad and I didn't want her to think that she had to buy something from him.  Even if we were jumping her car and saving her from calling AAA.

I told her we'd bake up the cookie dough we'd already purchased and bring some cookies over to her and her daughter another day.

That seemed to appease Big E, the closer.

Have you thought about the Chanukah wrapping paper?  It's a great deal!


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