Little E: Dousing Flames

Up until the start of school, Little E was still peeing like a girl.  

I knew once school began the lure of the tiny urinals would convert Little E to a stand-up urinator, but I was delaying this as long as possible.

You see, last year I painted their bathroom wall a beautiful blue.  I purchased a new shower curtain and coordinating rugs that I really loved and enjoyed.  I'd walk into their bathroom and smile.  I had actually successfully decorated a space in my home without the use of a designer.  It was perfect.

And I wasn't about to let a bunch of urine destroy my dream.

But as I predicted, Little E began to ask to use the toilet standing up.  And you know what, his aim was pretty decent.

What WAS I worried about anyway?

And then I remembered.

Little E must have been hallucinating before bath time on Monday.  I think he believed the bathroom wall was on fire and was in need of a hose down.  So he graciously provided the "water".  He soaked the wall and even my leg as I was bent over putting the plug down in the tub.  I'd say 0% actually made it into the toilet.

After the shock of being peed on wore off, I gave the bathroom and myself a good bleaching, but the smell of urine still lingers.  

My beautiful bathroom has been transformed into a public restroom and for that, I am sad.



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