From the Big Easy to the Big Queasy

Yesterday, we had our new cleaning people clean our house.  We opted for the initial deep clean for $200.  They indicated they would be here for about four hours.  They were here for seven.

The Yoy house was gleaming it was so clean.  I could see my reflection in the hardwoods.

I said aloud to nobody in particular:

You could eat off the floors!

Big E heard this and apparently let it digest overnight.  First thing this morning he dumped an entire YoBaby smoothie all over the kitchen floor.

Uh-oh! (In general, something I never like to hear)

The clean floors stayed that way for approximately 14 hours.  

Later in the day Big E may or may not have eaten some sidewalk chalk.  He kept making this weird gagging noise.  Mr. Yoy called him over and Big E started throwing up all over the place.  Mr. Yoy and I were so stunned we couldn't even move him off of the rug or give him something to throw up onto.

Again, there went my newly cleaned rug.

Mr. Yoy scooped Big E up and threw him in the tub.  Big E was fine two minutes after the episode, unfazed.  Amazing.

I went to work on the rug.  This happened to coincide with Little E's dinnertime.  He was screaming in the exersaucer while I was trying to clean up the rug.  Nothing like a relaxing Sunday afternoon...

As a side note, the cleaning people did not locate the missing crayons.  (See crayon-gate)  This leads me to believe that those crayons are no longer in this house because these people left no stone unturned.  My guess is that Big E threw them in the trash.  He is big into putting things into the trash (similar to the hamper).


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