Puffs are little pieces of cereal goodness that dissolve in babies' mouths.  We started Big E on Puffs back in the day and he loved them.  Eventually, all of his teeth came in and he moved onto bigger and better foods.  I was happy about this because these Puffs are not cheap.

Today, I gave Little E his first taste of Puffs.  He made a few weird faces, but eventually he started opening his mouth in anticipation of the next Puff.  Not to miss out on any food opportunities, Big E was immediately at my side.  His eyes lit up.  He knew the container I was holding in my hands.  It was his beloved, long-lost Puffs.  

Right in front of me, Big E regressed about 12 months.  He started signing "more" and "please".  


I, of course, gave into him because it was past 5 o'clock which meant my patience meter was on empty.  Here, eat the $5 Puffs.  And don't eat the lovely dinner I cooked for you.


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