Not Everyone Has Fun in Music Class

I've been taking Little E to a weekly music class with Aunt Yoy and Cousin Yoy.  We go on Wednesdays when Big E is at preschool.  This week Big E has no preschool due to Passover break, so I took Big E with me to music class.

Big E is an experienced music class attendee.  I took him for a year starting when he was nine months old.  I thought he'd enjoy going back to class, especially since he has shown such an affinity for singing.

Little E's music class is at a different location, but has the same teacher, Miss K.  I talked up music class all morning and on the way to class.

I somehow managed to open the door with Little E (20+ pounds) in one arm, my diaper bag on the other, and using my legs to "herd" Big E.  Big E took one look at Miss K at went insane.

He started screaming NO, NO, NO!  Tears flowed abundantly.

All the mommies with the well behaved children turned and looked at my temper tantrum throwing Big E.  Yes, I realize I am raising the devil.

I put Little E down and tried to coax Big E to sit with me.  He laid down at the door and remained there crying.  I couldn't believe it.  I had to keep moving him, so the mommies and babies didn't have to step over his carcass.

Thank goodness Aunt Yoy was there to look after Little E while I calmed Big E down.

He finally settled down and actually enjoyed music class.  I will never begin to understand how his brain works and what sets him off.  I guess that is all part of motherhood.


  1. Maybe if Miss K was playing "Shake it like a Salt Shaker"....or "Forget You"...he wouldn't have gone insance......just a thought :-).

  2. He actually asked to go this morning.


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